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Perfect Summit Manhattan image

Perfect Summit Manhattan

A riff on a Dry Manhattan given extra depth by the addition of dessert wine and whiskey bitters.

Bling! Bling! image

Bling! Bling!

An ostentatious little number.

Boilermaker image


When you get to the end of the beer the shot glass lifts and the whiskey is released as a chaser. I should point out that in these days of discernment,

Sangrita image


In Mexico the quality of the homemade Sangrita can make or break a bar. This recipe is spicy and slightly sweet and perfect for chasing tequila.

Verdita (makes 12 shots) image

Verdita (makes 12 shots)

Verde is Spanish for green and Verdita is best described as being a green herbal Sangrita with pineapple adding a hint of tropical fruit and sweetness.

Pinga com Mel image

Pinga com Mel

Cachaça-laced, bite-sized, and delicious with rich smoothing honey balancing sharp zesty lime.

CIA image


My own preference is to sip half-sized serves of CIA from a Copita cup – it's too tasty to appreciate in a gulp.

Poleaxe image


Peated whisky replaces mezcal in this riff on the bartenders' favourite M&M.

Alice From Dallas image

Alice From Dallas

Coffee and orange spiked with tequila. The trio layer well and combine to make a tasty shot (perhaps stir together and sip to savour the experience rather

B-52 Shot image

B-52 Shot

Probably the best-known and most popular shot.

Buona Sera Shot image

Buona Sera Shot

The use of a dry, or at least not so sweet, espresso-style coffee liqueur is essential to the flavour and balance of this rum-laced nutty coffee shot.

Custard Tart image

Custard Tart

Custardy, strangely enough.

Damson in Distress image

Damson in Distress

Damson and amaretto sharpened by lemon juice.

57 T-Bird Shot image

57 T-Bird Shot

A 57 T-bird, or 1957 Ford Thunderbird to give it its full title, immortalised in the Beach Boys' song 'Fun Fun Fun', was the classic car for any 1950s'

Green Hornet image

Green Hornet

A surprisingly palatable and balanced shot.

Kamikaze image


A bite-sized vodka take on the Margarita.

Opal Café image

Opal Café

A great liquorice and coffee drink to sip or shoot.

Snood Murdekin image

Snood Murdekin

Moreish combination of coffee and raspberries topped with cream.

Strawberry Éclair image

Strawberry Éclair

Far from sophisticated but appropriately named.

Bandera image


In Mexico the quality of the homemade Sangrita can make or break a bar. The Sangrita in this trio is spicy and slightly sweet.

Knicker Dropper Glory image

Knicker Dropper Glory

Nutty sweetness sharpened with lemon.

Tonic Boom image

Tonic Boom

Essentially a gin and tonic bomb. To quote a Portobello Star regular, the thinking man's Jager Bomb.

Shaft image


Irish cream liqueur adds a creamy mocha note to this Shaft version but some make with cream and others milk, either combining all ingredients prior to

Tequesso image


A great way to start the day, or end a meal.

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