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Floral (e.g. Elderflower spritz)
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Left Bank Martini image

Left Bank Martini

An aromatic, dry blend. Modern bartending convention would suggest that this drink should be stirred. However, it's much better shaken. Go easy with the

Clean Aviation image

Clean Aviation

Named in homage to the laudable quest for a clean aviation fuel, this is a classic Aviation (usually based on gin) but made with vodka and given a touch

Daisy Cutter Martini image

Daisy Cutter Martini

Floral, minty and herbal with a dry finish.

Dried Meadow Flower image

Dried Meadow Flower

Floral elderflower and tequila with bittersweet gentian and refreshing lemon.

Early Spring image

Early Spring

Rhubarb flavours shine in this tall floral lavender sour.

Easy Street image

Easy Street

Gin-laced Cucumber and elderflower with a splash of freshening lemon juice and enlivened with soda. Perfect for a summer afternoon.

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail image

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

An Elderflower Collins with champagne in place of soda water.

Elderflower Martini No.2 image

Elderflower Martini No.2

Dry but not bone dry with aromatic hints of grass and elderflower.

Elderflower Spritz image

Elderflower Spritz

A long, easy drinking summer cooler.

English Breakfast Cocktail image

English Breakfast Cocktail

Light and fragrant with black tea, elderflower and the botanical influence of gin.

Fernandito image


Very popular in Argentina where the combination of fernet & Coke is as much a staple as the G&T is in England. The drink is most identified with the Argentinian

Hey Sugar image

Hey Sugar

Elderflower and dry sparkling wine are a match made in heaven with the bitters-soaked cube seasoning the cocktail with faint bittersweet pineapple and

Hi Life Spritz image

Hi Life Spritz

Borrowing its name from both BA High Life magazine and the highball glass it is served in, this refreshing long drink combines the botanical complexity

In-Seine image


Elderflower liqueur mellows and boosts floral notes in the cognac, while dashes of absinthe dries and adds a robust hint of aniseed.

Jalisco Flower image

Jalisco Flower

Subtle, fruity and one of my favourite champagne/sparkling wine cocktails.

Last Palabra image

Last Palabra

Tequila replaces gin in this riff on the classic Last Word, with the amount of maraschino slightly reduced to accommodate the introduction of lavender

Lavender Margarita image

Lavender Margarita

As the name suggests, a floral, lavender-influenced margarita.

Le Sang Jaune (The Yellow Blood) image

Le Sang Jaune (The Yellow Blood)

Spirituous apple and rich elderflower with herbal dry vermouth and gentian complexity, finished with the merest hint of anise courtesy of a dash of absinthe.

Lemongrad image


A great summer afternoon drink. Fresh lemon with elderflower and tonic.

Mad MacPeat image

Mad MacPeat

Peated whisky sits brilliantly with the floral elderflower notes in this late-night sipper. Absinthe plays an important role and I like with as much four