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Penicillin cocktail image

Penicillin cocktail

A Whisky Sour with honey richness, subtle smoke and enlivening ginger spice.

Christmas Daiquiri image

Christmas Daiquiri

Fruit,y rum-laced, cleansing citrus with delicate Christmassy spice.

Christmas Negroni image

Christmas Negroni

A classic Negroni turned festive with added Christmassy flavours. A proper Christmas cracker!

Firecracker image


Allspiced pineapple fruit with delicate caramel-like agave richness and grape fresh pisco spirituous spice.

Obligatory Brooklyn image

Obligatory Brooklyn

Rich and slightly sweet but dried and balanced by herbal bitterness, perhaps the ultimate digestivo.

Well Oiled Mai Tai image

Well Oiled Mai Tai

A quality falernum adds complex clove-led flavours to a classic Trader Vic Mai Tai.

Winter image


This vintage cocktail was recommended to us by Jason E. Clapham who aptly describes it as a Jamaican daiquiri with Christmas spices.

Andalusian Buck image

Andalusian Buck

A 'Buck' is a tall spirit-based cocktail with ginger ale or ginger beer and lime juice. This particular Gin Buck is distinguished by also being based on

Anonymous (But Assertive) Sour image

Anonymous (But Assertive) Sour

Lemon drizzled grilled sweetcorn with delicate chili spice and citric acidity. Sounds sophisticated but is easy drinking.

Atracción Ahumado Margarita image

Atracción Ahumado Margarita

A Margarita with a touch of smoky character and plenty of warming oomph. It crossed my mind that whatever oomph is in Spanish would be a fitting name for

Beat Dis image

Beat Dis

Beetroot and vanilla are harmonious flavours, here rum-laced with balancing lime and an enlivening hint of spice.

Benny Blanco image

Benny Blanco

A bittersweet and lightly chili spicy aperitivo to awaken your taste buds.

Big Mac image

Big Mac

A volumized riff on a Whisky Mac created in June 2021 by yours truly.

Biggles Aviation image

Biggles Aviation

A ginger-influenced Aviation named after the fictional book Biggles in Borneo about WWII flying heroes Ginger, Algy, and Biggles. Originally inspired by

Biggles Sidecar image

Biggles Sidecar

The idea was to make a riff on an Aviation (see Biggles Aviation) but ginger cries out for cognac so I also ended up with this ginger Sidecar.

Bonsai image


Savoury and spicy, this is an aperitivo cocktail, that is unless you need a chili-spiced kick-start to your day over breakfast – in which case perhaps

Byculla image


Claret-cum-mulled wine, but hold out for the warming ginger finish.

Cosmopolitan (1927 recipe) image

Cosmopolitan (1927 recipe)

A Cosmopolitan in name but not in style. Instead, this Cosmo is perhaps best described as a delicately spiced Old Fashioned. If serving straight-up, as

Cowboy Derby image

Cowboy Derby

Habanero-infused whiskey adds a touch of Cowboy spirit to this riff on the classic 1930s' Brown Derby, with maple syrup balancing grapefruit tart freshness.

Crowbar Hotel image

Crowbar Hotel

A riff on Philip Spee's 2007 Beverly Hills Hotel Cocktail. Apparently, in cowboy lingo, a crowbar hotel is a jail, so when presented with a renegade whiskey