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Breakfast Martini image

Breakfast Martini

The success or failure of this tangy drink is partly reliant on the quality of marmalade used. For ease of use, choose fine cut or even no peel/shredless

Duke's Dry Martini - The 'Naked' or 'Direct' Martini image

Duke's Dry Martini - The 'Naked' or 'Direct' Martini

The quantities of gin and vermouth stated in this recipe produce a Dry Martini with a 30:1 ratio of gin to vermouth. A small amount of dilution is achieved

Fosbury Flip image

Fosbury Flip

This richly flavoured, velvety cocktail is almost custardy in consistency but with a refreshing hint of lime.

Mr Simon image

Mr Simon

Your choice of genever and orange curaçao greatly effects the balance of this cocktail. Salvatore uses Rutte Old Simon which is not only a fantastic genever

Salvatore Meets image

Salvatore Meets

A refreshing zesty lemon Daiquiri topped with a splash of champagne.

Red Earl (Salvatore's recipe) image

Red Earl (Salvatore's recipe)

Fresh ginger adds a hint of spice which combines well with raspberry fruit in this crowd-pleasing vodka-based cocktail which is freshened by a dash of

White Sting image

White Sting

This riff on a classic Stinger brings in floral rose notes which sit alongside delicately freshening mint.

Spritzer Fresco image

Spritzer Fresco

Zesty, floral, aromatic and fresh. A complex and refreshing spritz.

White Grasshopper image

White Grasshopper

Creamy and indulgent but not sickly sweet, with delicate chocolate, rose, mint and zesty orange.

White Water Sour image

White Water Sour

Zesty citrus and fresh mint with delicate rose.

Salvamento image


Bittersweet and complex with apple brandy, zesty citrus and faint rose.

White Spider image

White Spider

A cleansing Martini-style cocktail with sophisticated citrus, rose and mint notes.

Ciao Bella image

Ciao Bella

Use a great quality white crème de cacao alongside Aqua Bianca and you'll have a surprisingly well-balanced complex and delicately chocolaty freshening

Bay of Passion image

Bay of Passion

A passionate Sea Breeze.

Godfrey image


Well balanced with a rich blackberry flavour.

Maestro image


Strawberry and balsamic are a great combo - here served with orange juice, vodka and maple syrup.

Salflower Sour image

Salflower Sour

Classic sweet and sour enhanced by floral notes.

Salty Martini image

Salty Martini

As the name suggests, fino sherry and caper brine add saltiness but this 'Salty Martini' also has a distinct nuttiness from the sherry. We'd suggest both

Salvatore Legacy image

Salvatore Legacy

Kümmel's bold caraway, cumin and fennel flavours predominate in this cognac-based after-dinner digestive cocktail.

Bald Eagle image

Bald Eagle

If you like tequila and you like your drinks on the sour side, this Margarita-like cocktail is for you.

Highland Drum image

Highland Drum

The classic blend of Scotch and Drambuie with fresh orange and vermouth complexity.

Spicy Fifty image

Spicy Fifty

Chilli spice smoothed by honey with vanilla vodka and lime juice.

Fig Supreme image

Fig Supreme

Fig and pomegranate add an extra dimension to this Margarita-style cocktail.

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