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Crème de pêche (peach) liqueur
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Castle Cobbler image

Castle Cobbler

A fruity bittersweet aperitif with orchard fruit, citrus and bittersweet gentian sipped through a sarsaparilla-like layer of Peychaud's Bitters.

Fish House Punch image

Fish House Punch

Tea tannins and lemon juice dry and sour this cognac and rum-laced punch with rich peach liqueur balancing and adding fruit appeal.

Fish House Punch #2 image

Fish House Punch #2

Over the decades the recipe the Fish House Punch has constantly morphed. The inclusion of cold tea is a contemporary adaptation.

Gun Metal Blue cocktail image

Gun Metal Blue cocktail

Orange, peach and cinnamon delicately flavour this mezcal-based Margarita riff.

Moon Cocktail image

Moon Cocktail

Gin and sherry combine harmoniously in this stirred boozy cocktail with a honeyed touch of jammy peach.

Mountain Man cocktail image

Mountain Man cocktail

A peachy whiskey sour with a ginger kick.

Perfect Lady image

Perfect Lady

This White Lady riff uses peach liqueur in place of triple sec to make a lighter, fruitier elaboration.

Stone Fence (by Venning Bros.) image

Stone Fence (by Venning Bros.)

Peach and bourbon combine harmoniously in this easy-drinking well-balanced fizz.

Suzepect Swizzle image

Suzepect Swizzle

A bittersweet refreshing drink for a summer's afternoon or an aperitif with grape and peach fruitiness and complexity courtesy of gentian and fresh mint.

The Artist's Muse image

The Artist's Muse

Bittersweet and fruity, with complex aromatics from the pisco and strong flavours of gentian liqueur.

The Delicious Sour image

The Delicious Sour

Tis rather.

Yuliya Martini image

Yuliya Martini

It's surprising what influence just 2.5ml of Crème de Peche has on this subtly flavoured vodka-based cocktail, particularly if you omit the grapefruit

Cordial Inviter image

Cordial Inviter

Peach liqueur adds subtle orchard fruit notes to cognac with dry vermouth balancing and added complex wine and botanical complexity.

Moondream image


Also try with subtle styles of dry vermouth such as Dolin.

The Democrat image

The Democrat

The base spirit is inspired by Harry Truman, 33rd President, who only drank bourbon and is considered by some, the last great Democrat.

Tropic Thunder image

Tropic Thunder

Gin, peach, lemon juice and pineapple juice may not seem the most obvious combination but it's a combo that works.

Wolf Ticket image

Wolf Ticket

The ripeness and quality of the peach will make or break this drink. If in season white peaches are preferable.

Marigold Spritz image

Marigold Spritz

Light easy drinking and refreshing, delicate quinine bitterness in the tonic water balances light sweetness from the peach liqueur in this tequila laced

Oestersoe Cola image

Oestersoe Cola

Fruit and balanced rather than sweet or dry and with a subtle but interesting liquorice note.

Peach '15 image

Peach '15

Long, slightly sweet and very peachy