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Master Bartender
Dick Bradsell
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Espresso Martini image

Espresso Martini

Likened to a Vodka & Red Bull for the discerning, the caffeine-loaded Espresso Martini consists of generous shots of vodka and espresso with coffee liqueur.

Polish Martini image

Polish Martini

In Poland, Bison Grass vodka and apple juice are a classic combo, here also with an additional splash of Polish honey liqueur. Adjust the quantity of

Bramble image


One of the best and most popular drinks to come out of the 1980s.

Cowboy Hoof Martini image

Cowboy Hoof Martini

Lightly sweetened gin shaken with fresh aromatic mint.

Fairy Cream image

Fairy Cream

Absinthe sits majestically with cream and chocolate in this indulgent after-dinner cocktail.

Golden Retriever image

Golden Retriever

This powerful, straw yellow cocktail offers a myriad of flavours. Benefitting from the dilution of a long stir and/or the addition of a dash of water.

Julep Martini image

Julep Martini

A short variation on the classic Julep: lightly sweetened bourbon and mint.

Rumshack Punch image

Rumshack Punch

Funky rum interlaced with peach, pineapple, lime, and pomegranate fruit. A monster but balanced.

Russian Spring Punch image

Russian Spring Punch

Well-balanced, complex and refreshing.

Treacle No.1 image

Treacle No.1

Richly flavoured, almost like molasses.

Vodka Espresso image

Vodka Espresso

Vodka and coffee combine in this tasty wake-up call.

Wibble image


As Dick Bradsell once said to me, It may make you wobble, but it won't make you fall down. Dick named this cocktail after the 1970s' Weebles children's

Bikini Martini image

Bikini Martini

A vivid blue combination of lemon, orange and peach laced with gin.

Citrus Martini image

Citrus Martini

Orange undertones add citrus depth to the lemon explosion.

Detroit Martini image

Detroit Martini

Vodka doused mint with the merest hint of lime. Clean and flavoursome.

French Spring Punch image

French Spring Punch

Not as popular as the Russian Spring Punch but still a modern day London classic.

Green Fairy image

Green Fairy

A well-balanced Absinthe Sour served straight-up.

Honey Wall image

Honey Wall

Rum-laced, rich and chocolaty.

Leninade image


Orange undertones add citrus depth to the lemon explosion.

Lychee & Rose Petal Martini image

Lychee & Rose Petal Martini

Light pink in colour and subtle in flavour.