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Cordial από lime
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Giblet (Tequila Gimlet) image

Giblet (Tequila Gimlet)

This tequila riff on the usually gin-based Gimlet harnesses the earthiness of the tequila to add an extra dimension which more than compensates for the

Gimlet (Difford's recipe) image

Gimlet (Difford's recipe)

The Gimlet is classically equal parts gin and lime cordial stirred in the glass it is to be served in, with added ice being optional (but actually optimal).

Golden Martini image

Golden Martini

Orange curaçao adds a touch of zest orange to this riff on a Gimlet.

Dulchin image


This dry, amber coloured, fruity cocktail carries a pisco punch.

Hurricane image


A strong, tangy, refreshing drink packed with fruit and laced with rum.

Champagne Snowball image

Champagne Snowball

Deliciously silky smooth, indulgent, and decadent. Rich thick and creamy advocaat freshened with dry sherry, zesty lime cordial, and invigorated with champagne.

Gimlet (Schumann's recipe) image

Gimlet (Schumann's recipe)

Schumann uses fresh citrus sourness to balance rich lime cordial but opts for lighter lemon juice rather than lime as is classic with a Gimlet.

Elegante Margarita image

Elegante Margarita

One of the best Margarita recipes around. Richly endowed with flavour.

Basil Gimlet image

Basil Gimlet

Balanced tangy citrus, fresh basil and gin botanical complexity.

Rosarita Margarita image

Rosarita Margarita

This peachy coloured Margarita is well-balanced and flavoursome with zesty orange liqueur sitting well with cranberry.

Viking Gimlet image

Viking Gimlet

This Gimlet has a split spirit base of 50/50 gin and aquavit and 50/50 lime and lemon with lime cordial proving extra citrusy richness. A splash of Swedish

Pegu Club Cocktail (Difford's recipe) image

Pegu Club Cocktail (Difford's recipe)

Whatever you think of modern-day Rose's Lime Cordial (other brands are available as well as homemade recipes), as with the Gimlet, I believe lime cordial

Vodka Gimlet image

Vodka Gimlet

Dry grainy vodka, delicately flavoured and softened by subtly sweetened lemon and lime juice.

Appletini (Sour Apple Martini) image

Appletini (Sour Apple Martini)

This Martini is unashamedly fun and brash with lurid green apple liqueur at its 'core'.

Princeton Martini image

Princeton Martini

The Dry Martini meets the Gimlet. They should meet more often.

Green Hornet image

Green Hornet

A surprisingly palatable and balanced shot.

Robin Hood image

Robin Hood

American readers might consider this an Apple Martini based on rum.

Mexican Surfer image

Mexican Surfer

Frothy topped, easy to make, and all too easy to drink. Looking at the recipe you might expect this cocktail to be overly sweet. it's not.

Acapulco Daiquiri image

Acapulco Daiquiri

A smooth, yet citrus-rich Daiquiri.

Limey Cosmo image

Limey Cosmo

If you like Cosmopolitans, you'll love this zesty alternative.

Key Lime image

Key Lime

Tangy, smooth and rich! Alcoholic ice-cream for grown-ups.

Key Lime Pie #2 image

Key Lime Pie #2

Beautiful balance of pineapple, vanilla, sweet and sour.

Key Lime Pie #3 image

Key Lime Pie #3

My favourite rendition of this dessert-in-a-glass cocktail. To make the pie rim - wipe with cream mix and dip into crushed Graham Crackers or digestive

The Currier image

The Currier

A wonderfully cleansing after-dinner cocktail with bourbon and lime plus hints of caraway and fennel courtesy of Kümmel.

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