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Ναυτικό ρούμι
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Grog image


Strong, flavoursome navy rum with a splash of scurvy-inhibiting lime. Properly mixed at the right dilution, this is a great drink. However, too many and

Navy Grog image

Navy Grog

With its trio of rums at a full measure a piece, this maritime sour is one of the punchiest drinks on the classic roster of Tiki cocktails.

Nelson's Blood No.2 image

Nelson's Blood No.2

The pungent flavours of naval rum contribute to this tasty, fruity rum punch and will warm your cockles – m' hearties!

The Haiti Cocktail image

The Haiti Cocktail

This vintage aperitivo is lightly bitter and wonderfully complex with distinctive Ferro China, vermouth and Demerara rum favours.

Charles Daiquiri image

Charles Daiquiri

Navy rum and triple sec add special interest to this Daiquiri.

Dark Daiquiri image

Dark Daiquiri

The fine sweet and sour balance of a great Daiquiri with hints of molasses.

Funky Pirate Daiquiri image

Funky Pirate Daiquiri

Spirituous enough for a pirate. Why the name? Well, one of the rums has some 'funk', both rums have nautical connections, the lime protects against scurvy,

Honey Rum Grog image

Honey Rum Grog

Not to be confused with the famous Tiki cocktail, Navy Grog, this Navy rum and honey sour is very enjoyable.

Hurricane image


A strong, tangy, refreshing drink packed with fruit and laced with rum.

Jack Tar image

Jack Tar

Characterful rum leads with gin and whiskey playing supporting roles with hints of citrus.

Kamaniwanalaya image


Try saying the drinks name after a few of these rum laced, tropical pineapple concoctions.

Nevada Daiquiri image

Nevada Daiquiri

A pungent Daiquiri with the intense flavour of Navy Rum.

Painkiller image


The broadside firepower of navy rum balances sweet pineapple and coconut in what is an all too delicious Tiki-style libation.

Parthenon Old-Fashioned image

Parthenon Old-Fashioned

Greece is a nation as famous for its seafaring prowess as it is the Parthenon, so it's perhaps fitting to include Navy rum in this Old Fashioned-style

Rumshack Punch image

Rumshack Punch

Funky rum interlaced with peach, pineapple, lime, and pomegranate fruit. A monster but balanced.

Tiki Max image

Tiki Max

This drink breaks the golden rule - simple is beautiful. However, it's tasty and packs a punch.

Tres Amigos Daiquiri image

Tres Amigos Daiquiri

Actually this is a Navy rum influenced Margarita made to Daiquiri proportions, but whatever it's called, it's damn good.

Alexandra image


Creamy and chocolaty - reminiscent of a rum-laced, creamy mocha coffee.

Bee's Knees (with rum & cream) image

Bee's Knees (with rum & cream)

Smooth and orangey to start, with a rum and honey finish.

Fat Sailor image

Fat Sailor

A tasty, suitably calorie laden, rum concoction.