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Cynar or other carciofo amaro
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100 Year Old Cigar image

100 Year Old Cigar

Stirred down and boozy so suited to late night sipping. This cocktail has broader appeal when served on-the-rocks in an old-fashioned glass, either way

A Lucky Roman Americano image

A Lucky Roman Americano

Created in 2017 by Luana Bosello in Italy. {quote[Luana Bosello, 2017]:One summer evening, I was in Rome, sitting in a downtown square. I was waiting for

Bad Name image

Bad Name

Sweet Manhattan-like in style with chamomile liqueur adding its distinctive floral flavour and honeyed sweetness.

Bensonhurst image


This riff on a Brooklyn is one of many to emerge since 2006 but is one of the more enduring.

Bitter Giuseppe image

Bitter Giuseppe

It's bitter Giuseppe, best you enjoy this as an aperitivo.

Bubo Bubo image

Bubo Bubo

Bittersweet and whisky-laced but smoothed and mellowed by honeyed richness.

Ce Soir (This Evening) image

Ce Soir (This Evening)

Brandy-based, bittersweet and herbal. A good after-dinner digestif.

Cin-Cyn image


A slightly sweeter, less bitter, artichoke-influenced riff on a classic Negroni.

Cyrano image


A tropical fruit-laced aged agricol Ti' Punch with a touch of bittersweet Italian attitude.

Death Star image

Death Star

This equal parts stirred down cocktail is either a boozy aperitif or a bittersweet digestif come nightcap. Whatever classification, it's tasty.

Drunk Uncle image

Drunk Uncle

Not the most endearing of names but this spiritous late-night sipper has broad family appeal beyond just uncles, so long as they have a taste for bittersweet

Dutch Coupe image

Dutch Coupe

Reminiscent of a genever Manhattan served on the dry side with notes of carciofo amaro.

Easy Speak image

Easy Speak

Originally served in a chilled old-fashioned glass without ice but I prefer this cocktail with the dilution that comes with ice. Don't worry if you don't

Eeyore's Requiem image

Eeyore's Requiem

On the bitter side of bittersweet with cleaning piney and herbal notes from gin, carciofo, and fernet.

Fake I.D. image

Fake I.D.

An after-dinner late night sipper which harnesses rum's character and pairs it with artichoke amaro and a touch of rich cinnamon spice.

Five Keys image

Five Keys

A bourbon-laced, spirit-forward after-dinner digestive.

Game Set Match image

Game Set Match

A Sweet Manhattan with Cynar and orange bitters. What's not to like?

Hamilton the Hipster image

Hamilton the Hipster

Herbal and bittersweet. A delicious aperitivo or digestive.

Holy Joe Cocktail image

Holy Joe Cocktail

An Irish whiskey-based, bittersweet aperitif cocktail that works equally well as a nightcap.

Jeez Louise image

Jeez Louise

Bittersweet with zesty citrus and subtle carbonation lifting and enlivening deeper rooty and herbal notes.