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Dubonnet/French rouge aromatised wine
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Pippin No. 2 image

Pippin No. 2

Like the Pippin No. 1, don't let modern bartending convention misguide you into stirring this delightful bittersweet aperitivo, please shake it to wake

Queen's Jubilee Martini image

Queen's Jubilee Martini

Classically a three-equal parts Perfect Martini is called the Queen. My Jubilee rendition of a Queen Martini uses Dubonnet Red (said to be one of the Queen's

Arnaud's Special image

Arnaud's Special

Chocolatey notes emerge from this Rob Roy-like cocktail.

Demosthenes Club image

Demosthenes Club

Two-parts cognac to one-part aromatised wine with the faintest note of rich aromatic rose. A late-night libation.

Ante image


Medium-dry, spiritous aromatised apple with delicate grape/berry fruit and faint orange.

Kiss image


Gin-forward with a kiss of aromatised wine and maraschino. For a more delicate Kiss, cut the gin back to 45ml or even 30ml and add one or two dashes respectively

St. George's Negroni image

St. George's Negroni

Port and aromatised wine add red berry fruit flavours to this riff on a Negroni.

Zegroni image


Vinous bittersweet vanilla massaged oak rum.

Rosina image


Fruity yet dry, almost earthy, with a delicate smokiness.

Queen Mother image

Queen Mother

Pot still Jamaican rum adds delicate but distinctive funky notes to this lightly sweet fruity gin-laced cocktail.

Crazy Crossing image

Crazy Crossing

Bittersweet with herbal botanical complexity.

Home On The Range image

Home On The Range

Boozy and complex with delicate fruit, spice and bitterness. A very agreeable late-night tipple.

Amalienborg image


Tastes boozy but this aperitivo/digestivo is relatively light in alcohol.

Pippin No. 1 image

Pippin No. 1

A delicious bittersweet aperitivo. Don't be tempted to stir, shake it to wake it, and add dilution and an attractively foamy head.

Don't Give Up The Ship image

Don't Give Up The Ship

Fernet's assertive herbal notes brilliantly interlace this Sweet Orange Martini.

Boadas image


I don't know Boadas's recipe for their signature cocktail, and to be honest I'm too polite to ask. And if they told me, I don't think I'd share it as it

Redcoat image


Rich and voluptuous with cognac-laced cherry and vinous complexity.

Salome image


Equal parts gin, aromatised wine and vermouth combine harmoniously in this pleasant, clean sippin' stirred down aperitivo.

Coronation Cocktail (Jacques Straub's) image

Coronation Cocktail (Jacques Straub's)

One-part gin to two-part aromatised wines produces an approachable vinous alternative to a Dry Martini.

Six Cylinder image

Six Cylinder

A bittersweet aperitivo or digestivo with pleasing subtle rich cherry notes.

Le Commer├žant (The Merchant) image

Le Commer├žant (The Merchant)

A balance between citrus and berry sweetness forms the heart of this cognac-based cocktail.

Miracle Worker image

Miracle Worker

Dry and spiritous but rounded and mellowed by subtle red grape and maraschino cherry fruitiness. Best enjoyed as a late-night sipper.

Derniere Minute (Last Minute) image

Derniere Minute (Last Minute)

Cognac stirred with rich herbal and heather honey Drambuie, along with aromatised wine. Aromatic bitters add complexity depth.

La Garde de Nuit (The Night's Watch) image

La Garde de Nuit (The Night's Watch)

Cognac with red berry and red wine notes with faint honeycomb.

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