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Pimento dram liqueur
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Navy Grog image

Navy Grog

With is trio of rums at a full measure a piece, this maritime sour is one of the punchiest drinks on the classic roster of Tiki cocktails.

Three Dots and a Dash image

Three Dots and a Dash

Rhum Agricole and Allspice Dram play a huge role in what is one of the most complex of all classic Tiki drinks.

Winter image


This vintage cocktail was recommended to us by Jason E. Clapham who aptly describes it as a Jamaican daiquiri with Christmas spices.

Ancient Mariner image

Ancient Mariner

Characterful and well-aged rums with a blend of citrus and all-important pimento dram. You may swap rums but there's no substitute for the pimento dram.

Banana Stand image

Banana Stand

Smoky whisky-laced rich delicately herbal banana. Not as challenging as this drink sounds and considerably tastier.

Flannel image


Pimento dram adds a touch of Christmas spice to this cognac-laced apple and orange winter sipper.

Gaelic Flip image

Gaelic Flip

Pot still Irish whiskey character and a touch of pimento dram shine throughout this beautifully balanced flip.

Kingston image


Caraway (Kummel) and pimento spice (Allspice Dram) shine in this well-aged rum sour.

La Cola Nostra image

La Cola Nostra

We do like a pun and this one is a particularly tasty aperitivo.

Lion's Tail image

Lion's Tail

A heavily Allspice Dram liqueur influenced, Daiquiri-like, bourbon-based cocktail.

Nui Nui image

Nui Nui

Cinnamon and pimento spiced golden rum with refreshing citrus. Balanced, cooling and delicious.

Poison Dart image

Poison Dart

Bourbon-laced zesty lemon balanced by rich almond syrup with layers of herbal complexity and cinnamon spice.

Réveillon Cocktail image

Réveillon Cocktail

Bittersweet and spicy with underlying warming apple spirit. Originally designed to be served straight-up in a Nick & Nora glass, we think it's better suited

Sailor's Swizzle image

Sailor's Swizzle

Port wine is further fortified with golden rum and delicately spiced with Pimento Dram in this long swizzled punch.

Balm Cocktail image

Balm Cocktail

Orange-flavoured dry sherry with subtle pimento spice.

Bitches Brew image

Bitches Brew

This flavoursome flip-style drink comes served with a hint of Caribbean spice.

Cuban Love image

Cuban Love

Green and herbal (coriander and mint) coffee and pineapple.

Dram Queen image

Dram Queen

The powerful and pervasive bittersweet notes of Allspice Dram heavily influence this cocktail which we'd recommend is enjoyed as an after-dinner Dram.

Mayfair Cocktail #2 image

Mayfair Cocktail #2

Gin with spicy cloves and hints of apricot and orange.

Port of Spain cocktail image

Port of Spain cocktail

Unusual in its bold use of a half shot of Angostura Bitters. In Knee High Bar in Seattle, USA I've tried this cocktail made with a massive one-and-a-half