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Strega liqueur
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Loaded Pistol image

Loaded Pistol

Mezcal provides the firepower, tamed by sweet vermouth and rich herbal liqueur. A great late-night sipper.

Tokyo Drift image

Tokyo Drift

Boozy yet delicate, beautifully balanced and complex. This Japanese whisky riff on a classic Manhattan benefits from freshening aniseed and minty notes

Acapulco No.2 image

Acapulco No.2

This Margarita-like drink demonstrates what a great combo tequila and Strega are.

Accoutrement image


Chris originally garnished this Calvados Sidecar/Applecart-like cocktail with brandied cherries but Strega's excellent chocolates seem a far more fitting

Autumn Leaves image

Autumn Leaves

Whiskey, apple brandy, vermouth and herbal liqueur combine delightfully.

Corpse Reviver No.0824 image

Corpse Reviver No.0824

A suitably Italian riff on the classic Corpse Reviver with Strega liqueur.

Death Star image

Death Star

This equal parts stirred down cocktail is either a boozy aperitif or a bittersweet digestif come nightcap. Whatever classification, it’s tasty.

Ernst Happel image

Ernst Happel

Gin laced, tangy, herbal, fruity and citrusy.

Indimenticabili Momenti (Unforgettable Moments) image

Indimenticabili Momenti (Unforgettable Moments)

Slightly sweet with vanilla, cherry and cinnamon and complex peppermint and herbal notes from the Strega interlaced with cognac.

L'Ultima Parola (by David Wondrich) image

L'Ultima Parola (by David Wondrich)

Strega replaces Chartreuse in this learned American in Italy take on a classic Last Word.

Lo Stregone image

Lo Stregone

Crodino and Strega make a very tasty and very Italian aperitivo. Go easy on the Angostura.

Persepolis image


With its strong rose flavour, the Persepolis is somewhat reminiscent of a Turkish Delight so is very appropriately garnished.

Pink Witch image

Pink Witch

Depending on your grapefruit this drink may indeed be lightly pink, and, again, depending on your grapefruit, hopefully it will be balanced and superbly

Witches' Daiquiri image

Witches' Daiquiri

Aniseed, sweet almond and delicate spice subtly influence this tasty Daiquiri.

Witches' Flight image

Witches' Flight

This cocktail harnesses the flavour of Strega in an after-dinner cocktail and as its creator says, the sugar rim brings out the tartness in the drink.

Witches' Grappa image

Witches' Grappa

As the name suggests, grappa and Strega predominate in this citrusy cocktail.

Angela Luce image

Angela Luce

Fruity and herbal – a refreshingly zingy nightcap.

Armenita Cocktail image

Armenita Cocktail

Reminiscent of an apricot and herbal Margarita. Consider adding a pinch of salt and a dash of apricot bitters.

Beneventum image


Complex, herbal and fruit with subtle peppermint freshness.

Carriaggi Cocktail image

Carriaggi Cocktail

The holy trinity - three equal parts: kirschwasser, Strega liqueur and fresh orange juice. The result is surprisingly spirit-forward, fruity and refreshing.