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Dubonnet/French rouge aromatised wine
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Ante image


Medium-dry, spiritous aromatised apple with delicate grape/berry fruit and faint orange.

Crazy Crossing image

Crazy Crossing

Bittersweet with herbal botanical complexity.

Dandy Cocktail image

Dandy Cocktail

This complex Manhattan variant is a well-balanced combo of spirit, liqueur and aromatic wine.

Home On The Range image

Home On The Range

Boozy and complex with delicate fruit, spice and bitterness. A very agreeable late-night tipple.

La Garde de Nuit (The Night's Watch) image

La Garde de Nuit (The Night's Watch)

Cognac with red berry and red wine notes with faint honeycomb.

Le Commercant (The Merchant) image

Le Commercant (The Merchant)

A balance between citrus and berry sweetness forms the heart of this cognac based cocktail.

Miracle Worker image

Miracle Worker

Dry and spiritous but rounded and mellowed by subtle red grape and maraschino cherry fruitiness. Best enjoyed as a late-night sipper.

Napoleon Market image

Napoleon Market

A beautifully balanced, very approachable, rust-coloured Martini.

Queen Mother image

Queen Mother

Pot still Jamaican rum adds delicate but distinctive funky notes to this lightly sweet fruity gin-laced cocktail.

Bartender's Cocktail image

Bartender's Cocktail

This classic cocktail resembles an aromatic Martini. Hints of sherry and orange are followed by a dry finish.

Bentley image


Dry, spiced wine impregnated with apple - pretty damn good.

Blackthorn Cocktail image

Blackthorn Cocktail

This drink benefits from a long, chilling and diluting stir. The result is a Martini-style, fruity but dry.

Bushranger image


Slightly sweet, this complex cocktail combines flavours of red wine with subtle herbal notes and is fortified with light rum.

Chocolat a l'orange (Orange Chocolate) image

Chocolat a l'orange (Orange Chocolate)

Cognac stirred with aromatised wine, rich orange liqueur with subtle chocolate, cinnamon and zesty orange.

De La Louisiane #3 image

De La Louisiane #3

Beautifully balanced. This fruity whiskey drink manages to be both approachable and serious.

Derniere Minute (Last Minute) image

Derniere Minute (Last Minute)

Cognac stirred with rich herbal and heather honey Drambuie, along with aromatised wine. Aromatic bitters add complexity depth.

Deshler Cocktail image

Deshler Cocktail

A dry Manhattan-like cocktail with a hint of orange.

Dolores #1 image

Dolores #1

Aromatic and well balanced, provided you use French-made Dubonnet.

Fly Like a Butterfly image

Fly Like a Butterfly

This light, aromatic, sweet and sour beauty has a grown-up, quinine-rich flavour but lacks the 'sting like a bee' finish.

Le Sang Et Sable image

Le Sang Et Sable

Reminiscent of a cognac-based Blood & Sand.