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Sauvignon blanc wine
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The StiG image

The StiG

Whiter than white (actually white wine golden) yet mysterious. As for the taste, white wine acidity balances rich elderflower with spirituous lacing from

Suzie Cocktail image

Suzie Cocktail

Pisco, pineapple and Sauvignon Blanc wine are a match made in heaven, while gentian liqueur provides complex underlying gentian bittersweet notes.

Canary Flip image

Canary Flip

A delightful balance of egg, spirit and wine. Looks creamy and sweet but is sharp and citrusy.

Double Grape Martini image

Double Grape Martini

The wine adds complexity to this simple grape cocktail - hence Double Grape Martini.

GE Blonde image

GE Blonde

This delicate drink demands freshly pressed apple juice and flavoursome Scotch with subtle peat.

Mint Cocktail image

Mint Cocktail

A great grassy, minty digestif with a good balance between acidity and sweetness.

Palermo image


This smooth cocktail beautifully combines vanilla rum with tart wine and the sweetness of the pineapple juice.

R U Bobby Moore? image

R U Bobby Moore?

It's common to pair Scotch whisky with apple, and Bison Grass vodka with apple juice, but combining these three with acidic wine and rich honey adds sweet

Saturn 'Martini' image

Saturn 'Martini'

Delicate, beautifully balanced and subtly flavoured.

Tropic image


A light, satisfying cooler.

USB Cocktail image

USB Cocktail

Vanilla notes in the cognac sit beautifully with the pineapple juice while the acidity of the wine balances rich fruity sweetness.

Vante Cocktail image

Vante Cocktail

Bold, aromatic and fruit with generous vanilla and pineapple.

Waltzing Matilda image

Waltzing Matilda

Passion fruit, gin, wine and ginger ale all combine well in this fruity, yet dry, refreshing drink.

Elderflower Spritz image

Elderflower Spritz

A long, easy drinking summer cooler.

Garden, Grain & Grape image

Garden, Grain & Grape

Pale green lime with frothy white head, this delicate wine and grape flavoured drink is laced with a large splash of vodka.

Pisco Kid image

Pisco Kid

This short pisco-based spirituous stirred drink was inspired by memories of Nestle's Milkybars and the 1980s British TV ads featuring the Milkybar Kid

Reggatta de Blanc image

Reggatta de Blanc

Dry and boozy.

It's Hartnell Damn It! image

It's Hartnell Damn It!

An equal parts riff on a Doctor No.1 using white wine acidity in place of lime juice. Tangy and slightly sharp in flavour with more than a hint of Swedish

The Duchess Cocktail image

The Duchess Cocktail

Gin’s light gin botanical spice combines with rich orange and complex vinous notes from the combination of Sauvignon Blanc wine and dry vermouth.

The Field Marshal image

The Field Marshal

Sauvignon blanc wine, celery, pineapple and rum all sit harmoniously in this cocktail.

Silver Pineapple image

Silver Pineapple

Rum-laced and full-flavoured with rich pineapple fruit balanced by white wine and lime juice acidity.

Lefkó Martini image

Lefkó Martini

Martini-esque in style but gin's juniper-led botanical character is replaced by a Greek grape distillate (Tsipouro). Enhanced vinous notes and flavoursome

Spritz Le Fizz image

Spritz Le Fizz

Crisp and grassy Sauvignon Blanc wine balances the rich, zesty orange invigorated with sparkling soda water

Chip Err O image

Chip Err O

Vinious and loosely Martini in style.

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