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Beer on-the-rocks image

Beer on-the-rocks

Created by yours truly (Simon Difford) on 14th March 2015 at the Cabinet Room, London, England.

Gen'tonique image


Created in 2017 by Sullivan Doh at the Le Syndicat, Paris, France, who says of his drink, I was looking

Hi Falutin image

Hi Falutin

Base Spirit: Whiskey - Bourbon whiskey

Special Brew Martini image

Special Brew Martini

Base Spirit: Vodka
Style: Martini-style

Amber Negroni image

Amber Negroni

Base Spirit: Cognac

Bitches' Brew cocktail image

Bitches' Brew cocktail

Base Spirit: Genever - Oude genever
Style: Aperitivo / aperitif

Bruised Pomegranate image

Bruised Pomegranate

Base Spirit: Whiskey - Rye whiskey 100 proof / 50% alc./vol.

Byrrh Cocktail image

Byrrh Cocktail

Base Spirit: Whisky - Canadian blended whisky

Byrrh Special image

Byrrh Special

Base Spirit: Gin - Old Tom gin

Castle Cobbler image

Castle Cobbler

Style: Aperitivo / aperitif

Claudine cocktail image

Claudine cocktail

Base Spirit: Armagnac brandy
Style: Aperitivo / aperitif

Double Grape image

Double Grape

Base Spirit: Pisco

Fly Me The Flip To France image

Fly Me The Flip To France

Base Spirit: Gin - Dry (unsweetened) gin

Le Grand image

Le Grand

Base Spirit: Cognac

Monet's Moment image

Monet's Moment

Base Spirit: Cognac

Quincy Jones image

Quincy Jones

Base Spirit: Whisky - Islay single malt Scotch whisky

Smoke and Mirrors #1 image

Smoke and Mirrors #1

Base Spirit: Whisky - Speyside single malt

Spanish Eyes image

Spanish Eyes

Base Spirit: Tequila reposado
Style: Aperitivo / aperitif

The Italian Job Cocktail image

The Italian Job Cocktail

Base Spirit: Rum - pot still Jamaican
Style: Aperitivo / aperitif

The Other Woman image

The Other Woman

Base Spirit: Gin - Dry (unsweetened) gin

Thuir Sour image

Thuir Sour

Adapted from a drink created in 2015 by Stuart Bale of 69 Colebrooke Row, London during a visit to Thuir

To Be Oranged cocktail image

To Be Oranged cocktail

Base Spirit: Tequila reposado

Violet Negroni cocktail image

Violet Negroni cocktail

Base Spirit: Gin - Dry (unsweetened) gin
Style: Aperitivo / aperitif

Black Jack image

Black Jack

Base Spirit: Absinthe verte

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