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Succulent Blood image

Succulent Blood

Mezcal and blood orange juice with sweet spice added with cinnamon syrup and clove rich falernum.

'Two Guns' Miller image

'Two Guns' Miller

Sweet vermouth rounds while pink grapefruit liqueur freshens reposado tequila with gentle but enlivening cinnamon spice and faint bitter chocolate.

Apple Strudel image

Apple Strudel

Apple, vanilla and a hint of Scotch and cinnamon- reminiscent of the dessert but a good deal drier.

C'est la Vie (That's Life) image

C'est la Vie (That's Life)

A tasty apple and cognac sour with delicate herbal and cinnamon spice.

Gun Metal Blue cocktail image

Gun Metal Blue cocktail

Orange, peach and cinnamon delicately flavour this mezcal-based Margarita riff.

Indimenticabili Momenti (Unforgettable Moments) image

Indimenticabili Momenti (Unforgettable Moments)

Slightly sweet with vanilla, cherry and cinnamon and complex peppermint and herbal notes from the Strega interlaced with cognac.

Jet Pilot image

Jet Pilot

A lightly spicy blend of three characterful rums with citrus mellowed by blending with crushed ice.

Lovelight image


Reminiscent of a cognac-based Negroni with a hint of cinnamon spice.

Mean Fiddler image

Mean Fiddler

A riff on a classic Tipperary with Islay single malt and Italian red bitter liqueur adding complexity.

Nui Nui image

Nui Nui

Cinnamon and pimento spiced golden rum with refreshing citrus. Balanced, cooling and delicious.

Pirate Queen image

Pirate Queen

Lightly spicy with an attractive underlying bready fruitiness from the fresh strawberry and genever.

Sangre Dulce Cocktail image

Sangre Dulce Cocktail

Mezcal, cinnamon and bittersweet Fernet are big hitting flavours which combine brilliantly in this characterful yet harmonious cocktail.

The Cheshire Cat image

The Cheshire Cat

A twist of the classic Vieux Carre with scotch substituting rye whiskey and cherry wine in place of vermouth. The bitter balance is provided by aromatised

Whisky Business image

Whisky Business

A rye sour enlivened with chili and cinnamon spice to warm the cockles.

Calvados Mon Amour image

Calvados Mon Amour

Apple brandy, pineapple and orange with a hint of cinnamon and a blast of berry fruit. Sounds sweet and fruity but this cocktail is spirituous and complex.

Cinnamon 'Martini' image

Cinnamon 'Martini'

Vanilla and passion fruit with a touch of cinnamon.

Fireplace Fashioned image

Fireplace Fashioned

Adapted from a recipe created in 2015 by Santiago Michelis at Alcoholic Architecture, London, England. Santiago says, “My cocktail is inspired on a winner

Good Afternoon image

Good Afternoon

Created in 2015 by Roberto Conti at Mojito Café, Italy.

Hot Cross Bun 'Martini' image

Hot Cross Bun 'Martini'

A vanilla and apple brandy Espresso Martini with a touch of cinnamon spice.

Legend Reviver image

Legend Reviver

This slightly rich cocktail makes for a good after-dinner drink.