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Count Mast image

Count Mast

This three equal part cocktail makes for a perfect aperitivo.

Death Flip image

Death Flip

With a whole egg, a shot of tequila, Jägermeister and Chartreuse, this is both a Death Flip and perhaps your last meal, for a while at least. Challenging

Élysée Treaty image

Élysée Treaty

Cognac-laced, zesty and bittersweet. Delicious as a late-night after-dinner digestive.

Hoyt's Daiquirí image

Hoyt's Daiquirí

Most unusual and interesting. Recognisably a Daiquiri but with creamy mouth-feel and great depth of flavour.

Hunter's Tea image

Hunter's Tea

Liquorice, chocolate, black tea and citrus. Equally as good enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive.

Jäger Negroni image

Jäger Negroni

A lightly spicy Negroni perfectly suited to the after-dinner digestive moment. If it doesn't aid your digestion it will aid your sleep.

Jäger Old-Fashioned image

Jäger Old-Fashioned

Rewarding, chocolaty and boozy with complex herbal and fruity notes.

Jungle Hunt image

Jungle Hunt

Herbal pineapple and spice with hints of Tiki.

Pied-à-terre image


Cognac-laced and herbal with hints of liquorice, Pied-à-terre (which translates from French to mean 'foot on the ground') makes for a great after-dinner

Purple Stag image

Purple Stag

Easy drinking and neither bitter or too sweet, it's hard not to like this rich herbal fruity cocktail.

The Stag image

The Stag

Boozy and stirred down. Cognac fortifies and combines harmoniously with Jägermeister's bittersweet herbal and spicy notes. Rich lavender enhances and

Waterloo image


A dry, lightly bitter, aperitif cocktail highlighting the bready notes in genever and the bright zesty freshness of Mandarine Napoleon. Jägermeister adds

Black Forest Sour image

Black Forest Sour

Beautifully balanced with complex herbal, berry, pineapple and citrus flavours.

Mirror Match image

Mirror Match

Boozy and floral with a hint of sweetness to smooth and harmonise, this after-dinner cocktail, originally served straight-up in a coupe (as presented here)

Naughty German image

Naughty German

Jägermeister spice and rich cassis combine wonderfully in this after-dinner sipper, with subtle black liquorice and aniseed.

St Hubertus Old Fashioned image

St Hubertus Old Fashioned

Dry and spirit-forward, as an old-fashioned should be, with hints of liquorice. It's dry, even with the 2.5ml of sugar I've added to Jason's original recipe,

Assisted Suicide image

Assisted Suicide

Not for the faint-hearted.

Crown Stag image

Crown Stag

A surprisingly workable combination.

Darth Jäger image

Darth Jäger

This riff on a Jägerbomb leaves the 'Dark Lord' sitting in 'Ciderspace'.

Root 56 image

Root 56

We’ve used more Jägermeister in this drink then is suggested by the brand itself as we feel the drink benefits from more of the liqueur’s herbal rootiness