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Fitzgerald (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Fitzgerald (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Zingy candied sherbet lemon with hints of botanical complexity and herbal bitters. This drink is better with the addition of dashes of aromatic bitters

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe) image

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe)

Beautifully balanced, fruity and complex with just enough gin to add a spirituous bite.

Old Flame image

Old Flame

As Dale DeGroff, this cocktail's creator, says, it's a Negroni softened by fresh orange juice and a splash of triple sec.

Tailor Made image

Tailor Made

Bourbon-laced cranberry and grapefruit with light honeyed richness and a faint touch of clove spice.

Hawaiian Stone Sour image

Hawaiian Stone Sour

The thinking person's PiƱa Colada.

Anejo Highball image

Anejo Highball

Orange and rum with a hint of ginger spice. Long and thirst-quenching.

Millennium Cocktail image

Millennium Cocktail

Somewhat reminiscent of a cognac-laced Hawaiian pizza. Yum!

Fitzgerald image


A Tangy and fresh Gin Sour without the egg white. A juniper heavy gin and dashes of bitters are key to the success of this sour.

Grapefruit Julep image

Grapefruit Julep

Wonderfully refreshing. Bring on the sun.

Prestige Cocktail image

Prestige Cocktail

Aged rum, pineapple and lime with delicate but enlivening clove spice.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (Dale DeGroff's recipe) image

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (Dale DeGroff's recipe)

This is the definitive Cosmo recipe from the man most associated with the drink's development and popularity.

Blue Moon Cocktail (Dale DeGroff's recipe) image

Blue Moon Cocktail (Dale DeGroff's recipe)

A hint of blueberry fruit with oolong tea, elderflower, sage and lemon.

South Beach image

South Beach

An unusual bittersweet combination with a strong orange and almond flavour.

Flirtini #2 image

Flirtini #2

A flirtatious little number that slips down easily.

Wild Irish Rose image

Wild Irish Rose

The gentle bite of Irish whiskey soured with lemon and sweetened with pomegranate syrup. The splash of soda which crowns this drink serves to lighten and

Caipiruva image


A grape juice laced twist on the Caipirinha.

Molly's Milk image

Molly's Milk

Herbal, honeyed Irish whiskey drunk through a creamy head.

Cherry Mash Sour image

Cherry Mash Sour

The rich flavour of Tennessee whiskey soured with lemon and sweetened with cherry liqueur.

Golden Girl image

Golden Girl

This appropriately named velvety drink is a refined dessert in a glass.

Velvet Fog image

Velvet Fog

Tangy, fresh and bittersweet.

Irish Blonde image

Irish Blonde

Adapted from a recipe created by Dale DeGroff in New York, USA.

Champagne Pick-Me-Up image

Champagne Pick-Me-Up

A subtle hint of biscuity champagne shines through this very quaffable drink.

Ritz Cocktail image

Ritz Cocktail

Citrus freshness with a cognac backbone, lightened and dried with champagne.

Royal Gingersnap image

Royal Gingersnap

Riff on an Old-Fashioned.

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