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Marsala Martini image

Marsala Martini

Tony C's original recipe calls for 50ml London dry gin, 10ml marsala dolce (sweet marsala), 5ml dry vermouth and 3 dashes 69 Colebrooke Row made almond

Chin Chin image

Chin Chin

Golden honey in colour and also in flavour. An unusual and great tasting Champagne cocktail.

Liquorice Whisky Sour image

Liquorice Whisky Sour

Liquorice dramatically changes the classic Sour, working harmoniously with the Scotch. I have also tried with bourbon and the result is not nearly so pleasing.

Oh Gosh! image

Oh Gosh!

A subtley orange twist on a classic Daiquiri.

Saturn 'Martini' image

Saturn 'Martini'

Delicate, beautifully balanced and subtly flavoured.

Twinkle image


It's hard to believe this floral, dry, light golden tipple is so loaded with alcohol. Go easy twinkle toes!

Wink image


Reminiscent of a Sazerac but with gin and triple sec. Delicate, remarkably fruity and very sippable.

La Dolce Vita image

La Dolce Vita

Complex, yet easy to quaff, with a touch of fizz adding some sparkle.

Sbagliato With Tonic image

Sbagliato With Tonic

Lightly bittersweet and superbly refreshing, a tasty aperitif cocktail.

Cheeky Monkey image

Cheeky Monkey

Fire yellow in colour, this drink features the distinctive flavour of Chartreuse with a citrus supporting cast.

Flutter image


Three ingredients combine harmoniously and, depending on your coffee liqueur, perhaps just the merest tad on the sweet side.

'Martini' Thyme image

'Martini' Thyme

A wonderfully fresh herbal Martini with the distinctive taste of Chartreuse. You'll either love it or hate it.

Red Angel 'Martini' image

Red Angel 'Martini'

A subtly flavoured cocktail with a dry, almost tannic edge.

Rhubarb & Honey Bellini image

Rhubarb & Honey Bellini

The implausible combination works surprisingly well.

Robin Hood image

Robin Hood

American readers might consider this an Apple Martini based on rum.

Lemon Caipirovska image

Lemon Caipirovska

A lemon-tastic Caipirovska.

Spitfire image


A brandy sour with a splash of dry white wine.

Death in Venice image

Death in Venice

On the bitter side of bittersweet, this is something of a cross between the Italian Spritz and Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon.

Harvard cocktail #2 image

Harvard cocktail #2

Byrrh combines well with cognac in this variation on the classic Harvard.

G+T Royale image

G+T Royale

A summery aperitif gin cocktail with crisp tonic water and enlivening champagne, flavoured with hints of vanilla and orange.

Ginger Snap (Fino Sherry & Ginger Ale) image

Ginger Snap (Fino Sherry & Ginger Ale)

A light and fabulously refreshing summery aperitivo, that's also perfect for Christmas.

Temperance Apple Mojito image

Temperance Apple Mojito

A very refreshing driver's option.

Italian Job #1 image

Italian Job #1

This orange coloured drink combines sweet and sour flavours in a most interesting and grown up way.

White Gin Fizz image

White Gin Fizz

Almost creamy in consistency, this gin fizz reminds us of the Sgroppino found in Venice.

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