Ginger liqueur cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

Photography by Dan Malpass (left to right) Je Suis l'Amour, Huckle My Buff, Moscow Mule, Dedonair, Four Aces, Ginger Snap, Mr Anthony, Gold Rush, Don Pone and Byculla

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As the weather turns colder so the warming effects of ginger can be both beneficial and pleasing in a drink. Indeed, King Edward VII’s physician is said to have commissioned Berry Bros. & Rudd, the King’s wine and spirits merchants, to formulate a ginger liqueur to warm His Majesty after being exposed to the elements while driving his Daimler horseless carriage.

That led Berry Bros to create King's Ginger liqueur, a fine liqueur to sip neat when in need of restitution, but along with some other premium ginger liqueurs, it also can be used to include a hint of warming spice to cocktails. Follows 20 of our favourite ginger liqueur cocktails:

Biggles Aviation
A ginger influenced riff on an Aviation named after the hero in the fictional book Biggles in Borneo.

Biggles Sidecar
Perhaps better simply named "Ginger Sidecar" the theme above continues.

An interesting riff on a vintage cocktail using fino sherry, tawny port, orange liqueur and ginger liqueur.

Created in the 1990's by Gary 'gaz' Regan, this suitably sophisticated cocktail is simply Speyside single malt whisky stirred down with ginger liqueur.

Don Pone
Cognac, white creme de cacao and ginger liqueur stirred down and strained into a maraschino rinsed glass.

Four Aces
From The Roger Room in Los Angeles, this herbal fruity drink uses white grapes, vodka, lime juice, ginger liqueur, sugar and basil.

Ginger Cosmo
Remember the Cosmopolitan? This riff is enlivened and made more interesting by a hint of ginger.

Ginger Snap
Another Gary 'gaz' Regan cocktail, this one a refreshing ginger influenced Gin Collins.

The Gold Rush
Appropriately golden in appearance and made with ginger liqueur, bourbon, lime and lemon juices.

Huckle My Buff
My much simplified version of Jamie Oliver's Huckle My Buff, a drink originally made in the 18th century and warmed with a red-hot poker. I use a microwave.

Je Suis l'Amour
Created by Walter Grosso in Turin, this thrown cocktail is made with cognac, sweet vermouth, ginger liqueur, pink grapefruit juice and chocolate bitters.

Moscow Mule
The simple Moscow Mule is made that little bit richer and more complex with a dash of ginger liqueur.

Mr Anthony
A genever based riff on a Penicillin with ginger spice and peaty Scotch.

My Last Word
This ginger twist on a Last Word is more properly called 'Mon Dernier Mot'.

The Nooner
A drink by Charles Joly with flavours of bourbon, vanilla, maple syrup, ginger and orange.

Oooh Ginger
A drink which emerged in 2008 after a night playing around in the bar with the legendary Dick Bradsell.

Opening Act
Tall and refreshing - Campari, ginger liqueur and lime topped with tonic.

Penicillin Cocktail
The king of both ginger and whisky cocktails this was originally made with homemade ginger syrup but also works well made with ginger liqueur.

Roman Highball
Created by Danny Gil at Brooklyn's Weather Up, this tall drink is made with amaro, ginger liqueur, lime and soda.

Rusty Tack
A ginger riff on a Rusty Nail.


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