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Ginger liqueur
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Penicillin cocktail image

Penicillin cocktail

A Whisky Sour with honey richness, subtle smoke and enlivening ginger spice.

Hunter's Verdict image

Hunter's Verdict

Brilliantly balanced and composed, this is a rum-forward boozy digestive with herbal complexity and enlivening ginger to contemplate a great meal and a

Winter image


This vintage cocktail was recommended to us by Jason E. Clapham who aptly describes it as a Jamaican daiquiri with Christmas spices.

Ginger Cosmo image

Ginger Cosmo

Just what it says on the tin - your everyday Cosmopolitan but with extra vitality courtesy of a good whack of ginger spice.

Ginger Margarita image

Ginger Margarita

Ginger liqueur replaces orange liqueur in this lightly spicy margarita.

Biggles Aviation image

Biggles Aviation

A ginger-influenced Aviation named after the fictional book Biggles in Borneo about WWII flying heroes Ginger, Algy, and Biggles. Originally inspired by

Biggles Sidecar image

Biggles Sidecar

The idea was to make a riff on an Aviation (see Biggles Aviation) but ginger cries out for cognac so I also ended up with this ginger Sidecar.

Byculla image


Claret-cum-mulled wine, but hold out for the warming ginger finish.

Four Aces image

Four Aces

A summery, light, superbly balanced herbal fruit cocktail.

Mr Anthony image

Mr Anthony

A genever-based Penicillin, combining malty gin and honey with subtle ginger warmth and plenty of Scottish island peaty character.

Roman Highball image

Roman Highball

A refreshing Pimm's Cup-like. A great long drink to come home to.

The Nooner image

The Nooner

Charles Joly's original recipe called for Nevan liqueur (sadly no longer made) and fresh ginger. This simplified version has a flavour reminiscent of the

Je suis l'Amour image

Je suis l'Amour

Cognac and cask-aged dry vermouth form the base of this refined cocktail with complex ginger, pink grapefruit, and chocolate notes.

Mon Dernier Mot (My Last Word) image

Mon Dernier Mot (My Last Word)

Tangy lemon and cognac with sweet herbal and ginger notes. An interesting riff on The Last Word.

Don Pone image

Don Pone

Maraschino cherry aromas strike you first as you enjoy this cognac-laced, subtly chocolate and ginger after-dinner cocktail.

Ginger 'Martini' image

Ginger 'Martini'

A warming medium-dry Vodka Martini with enlivening ginger spice for a cold evening.

Smoke & Mirrors (mezcal-based) image

Smoke & Mirrors (mezcal-based)

A Mezcal Margarita with chili, ginger and pineapple, mellowed by a splash of foaming egg white.

German Vacation image

German Vacation

Rum-laced herbal almond. A refreshing aperitivo or a cleansing digestive.

Pot of Gold image

Pot of Gold

Smooth Irish and peat-smoked Scotch whiskies enlivened with ginger spice and freshened by zesty lemon.

Toasted Ginger Godfather image

Toasted Ginger Godfather

Rye and ginger liqueur provide the spice, bourbon adds a mellow backbone, while amaretto caresses the palate.

Yule Luv It image

Yule Luv It

Rich orange, delicate ginger spice and herbal complexity with cranberry and lime fruit.

Gingerbread Old Fashioned image

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

Boozy and lightly ginger spiced with vanilla and caramel.

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned image

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned

Ginger notes are subtle while the caramel combines harmoniously with the aged tequila to make a truly delicious nightcap.

Mezcal Mule image

Mezcal Mule

Sans ginger beer but this mule packs plenty of ginger kick. A sunshine cocktail.

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