Absinthe Cocktails image 1

Absinthe Cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

Photography by Dan Malpass

There are countless absinthe cocktail recipes which call for just drops or dashes of absinthe, or for the glass merely to be rinsed/washed with absinthe, but due to this spirit's pungent smell and intense flavour, there are few cocktails that are truly absinthe-based or use a good slug of absinthe. The following 20 absinthe cocktails are unusual as all contain a generous measure.

ency 61 imageAbsinthe Frappé
With: Absinthe, anisette, chilled water and sugar syrup.

ency 30 imageAbsinthe Gimlet
With: Dry gin, absinthe, lime cordial, lime juice and chilled water.

ency 79 imageAbsinthe Makes My Heart Grow Fonder
With: Dry gin, absinthe, maraschino, cherry brandy, Campari, pink grapefruit juice and sugar syrup.

ency 20 imageApplesinth
With: Absinthe, apple schnapps, apple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup.

ency 46 imageBohemian Mule
With: Absinthe, lime juice, sugar syrup and ginger beer.

ency 13 imageDead Man's Mule
With: Absinthe, cinnamon schnapps, orgeat, lime juice, ginger beer.

ency 14 imageDuchess
With: Absinthe, sweet vermouth, extra dry vermouth, orange bitters

ency 21 imageFairy Cream
With: Absinthe, single cream, crème de cacao brown, crème de cacao white.

ency 72 imageFairy Sugar Mama
With: Absinthe, pineapple juice, lime juice, orgeat, Campari.

ency 87 imageFlying Frenchman (Absinthe Espresso Martini)
With: Absinthe, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee.

ency 41 imageGreen Fairy
With: Absinthe, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, egg white.

ency 53 imageGreen Swizzle
With: Absinthe, white rum, overproof rum, falernum liqueur, menthe verte liqueur, lime juice.

ency 58 imageLe Minuit
With: Absinthe, white wine, apple juice, sugar syrup, orange bitters.

ency 10 imageMauresque
With: Absinthe, orgeat.

ency 11 imageMonstre Verte
With: Absinthe, London dry gin, Green Chartreuse, lime juice, sugar syrup, basil leaves.

ency 83 imagePerfect Fairy
With: Absinthe, crème de peche liqueur, lemon juice, egg white.

ency 96 imageTriple A
With: Absinthe, apple juice, orgeat, lime juice.

ency 81 imageWeeping Jesus
With: Absinthe, Peachtree liqueur, grenadine syrup, lemon-lime soda.

ency 70 imageWindy Miller
With: Absinthe, citroen vodka, Mandarine Napoleon liqueur, lemon-lime soda.

ency 22 imageYellow Parrot
With: Absinthe, Yellow Chartreuse, apricot brandy.