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Absinthe Cocktails

There are countless absinthe cocktail recipes that call for just drops or dashes of absinthe, or for the glass merely to be rinsed/washed with absinthe, but due to this spirit's pungent smell and intense flavour, there are few cocktails that are truly absinthe-based or use a good slug of absinthe.

Our pick of the 20 best Absinthe cocktails highlights some of the few truly absinthe-based cocktails while the others selected for this page more subtly harness absinthe's flavour.

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20 best Absinthe cocktails

Absinthe is a most unusual cocktail ingredient as it's the main base spirit in some cocktails while is used as mere dashes in others. Absinthe's aroma

Absinthe Gimlet image

Absinthe Gimlet

A herbal riff on the classic gin-based Gimlet.

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder image

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Absinthe and gin delicately lead this subtle cherry-flavoured cocktail. Bitter liqueur adds more colour than flavour, while pink grapefruit freshens.

Applesinth image


Hints of apple and liquorice combine to make a very moreish cocktail.

The Atty Cocktail image

The Atty Cocktail

My recipe remains pretty faithful to Craddock's classic 1930s proportions, but in line with modern bartending conventions, I now disregard Craddock's instructions

Dead Man's Mule image

Dead Man's Mule

Strong in every respect. Big, full-on flavours of aniseed, cinnamon and ginger.

Fairy Sugar Mama image

Fairy Sugar Mama

Fruit juice, almond syrup and bold bittersweet flavours mask a whole shot of absinthe in this baby pink drink.

Flying Frenchman (Absinthe Espresso Martini) image

Flying Frenchman (Absinthe Espresso Martini)

Best described as an energy drink on steroids - equal parts absinthe, coffee liqueur and espresso. However, unlike most caffeine-laden energy drinks the

Green Fairy image

Green Fairy

A well-balanced Absinthe Sour served straight-up.

Improved Holland Gin Cocktail image

Improved Holland Gin Cocktail

Salmon-pink with subtle juniper, rounded by maraschino liqueur, aromatic bitters and absinthe.

In-Seine image


Elderflower liqueur mellows and boosts the brandy's floral notes, while dashes of absinthe balance sweetness and add aniseed notes.

Le Minuit image

Le Minuit

Absinthe based but incredibly subtle. Absinthe combines wonderfully with wine and apple.

Monstre Verte Cocktail image

Monstre Verte Cocktail

A drink for fans of Chartreuse and aniseed.

Moonshine Martini image

Moonshine Martini

A wet Martini with balanced hints of maraschino and absinthe.

Morning Glory Fizz image

Morning Glory Fizz

This classic, sour and aromatic cocktail is traditionally considered a morning after a pick-me-up / rejuvenative 'hair-of-the-dog'.

Original Sin image

Original Sin

Sake and vodka with a delicate hint of honey.

Paddington image


Sweet and sour with citrus tartness and faint absinthe anise.

Perfect Fairy image

Perfect Fairy

This white drink with the merest tint of absinthe green balances lemon, peach liqueur and lemon juice, rounded and made fluffy with egg white.

Pour Me Another image

Pour Me Another

Raisiny pedro ximénez sherry adds subtle richness to the cognac with hints of flavour from the absinthe and lemon zest. This drink benefits from generous

Triple A image

Triple A

So named due to this drink being flavoured with absinthe, apple and almond.

Weeping Jesus image

Weeping Jesus

This bright red cocktail makes the strong aniseed flavours of absinthe approachable.

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Windy Miller

British readers over 40 may remember the children's TV series Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green. If you do, then sing between sips, Pugh, Pugh, Barney

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