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Passion fruit syrup
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Autumn Punch image

Autumn Punch

Autumnal in colour with a wonderful meld of complementary flavours.

Hurricane image


A strong, tangy, refreshing drink packed with fruit and laced with rum.

Dry Daiquiri image

Dry Daiquiri

Passion fruit syrup is powerful stuff and its fruity richness greatly enhances and balances this bittersweet cocktail.

Berry Blast image

Berry Blast

As the name suggests this non-alcoholic long drink is loaded with berry fruit, presented over the light tannins of a black tea base with a splash of passion

Passion Fruit Mojito image

Passion Fruit Mojito

Fruity, just as the name promises, but this Mojito is balanced rather than sweet.

Passion Fruit Martini image

Passion Fruit Martini

Simple but tasty, harnessing the flavour of passion fruit.

Autumn Cocktail image

Autumn Cocktail

An easy-drinking, fruity cocktail with grassy hints courtesy of bison vodka.

Feather Duster Crusta image

Feather Duster Crusta

In Gregor's own words, based on the father of the Sidecar, the granddad of the Margarita, Laydeez an' Gennulmen! The Brandy Crusta.

Pink Passion Fruit Margarita image

Pink Passion Fruit Margarita

A citrussy bite keeps this distinctly pink, fruity Margarita just on the tart side.

Dry Pornstar Daiquiri image

Dry Pornstar Daiquiri

Fruity, bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour. More an aperitivo Daiquiri than a Porn Star Martini.

Quarantine Order image

Quarantine Order

Tangy, fruity, rum-laced and passion fruit-tastic. Doctor's order!

Commander in Chief image

Commander in Chief

Single pot still Irish whiskey gives this Commander backbone while verjuice adds a stiff upper lip, but this Chief has heart and soul in the form of passion

Saturn image


A Tiki-influenced frozen gin sour with passion fruit and almond.

Passion Fruit Collins image

Passion Fruit Collins

This fruity adaptation of the classic Collins may be a tad sharp for some: if so, add a dash more sugar.

Passion Fruit Cocktail image

Passion Fruit Cocktail

Full-on passion fruit with gin and citrus.

East 8 Hold-up cocktail image

East 8 Hold-up cocktail

Vodka-based, fruity and bittersweet with pineapple and passion fruit.

Great Mughal Martini image

Great Mughal Martini

Douglas' original recipe called for raisin infused boubon and I'd recommend you make this drink that way if time permits.

Passion Fruit Rum Punch image

Passion Fruit Rum Punch

Rum and fruit combine in this punchy tropical-style drink.

Patrón City Lights image

Patrón City Lights

Created by Nathan Shearer of Callooh Callay, for Patrón Tequila at London Cocktail Week 2016.

Two 'T' Fruity image

Two 'T' Fruity

Simple is beautiful - this drink is both. The rawness of vodka is balanced with sweet passion fruit and hints of orange bitters.

Bourbon Cookie image

Bourbon Cookie

Looks tame but packs a flavoursome punch.

Byzantine image


This fruity, herbal drink is even better made the way Douglas originally intended, with basil infused gin instead of muddled leaves.

Beetle Jeuse image

Beetle Jeuse

Long and refreshing with a flavour reminiscent of caramelised apple.

Rizzo image


The tangy, sharp grapefruit reveals hints of apple spirit smoothed by grenadine.

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