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Manzanilla sherry
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Jerezana Cocktail image

Jerezana Cocktail

Pronounced 'Hera-Zana', this delicious stirred cocktail combines two sherries and two vermouths with faint vanilla richness balanced by pronounced orange

La Perla image

La Perla

Simple yet complex, this beautifully balanced cocktail has faint saltiness from the manzanilla, delicate pear fruit and well-integrated fortifying tequila.

Old Gran's Punch image

Old Gran's Punch

Irish whiskey shines in this brilliantly balanced easy-drinking cocktail that will appeal to a wide range of palates.

Ambrosio Cup image

Ambrosio Cup

Cachaça, Bison Grass vodka and manzanilla sherry combine harmoniously and are freshened with mint and lime in this refreshing cocktail.

Bending Blades cocktail image

Bending Blades cocktail

This tequila-based cocktail is bitter before turning bittersweet, then finishes with a long bitter finish. It won't be for everybody but for those who

Celery Gringo image

Celery Gringo

A gin sour with faint smoky mezcal, saline and vegetal notes.

Sherry Valance image

Sherry Valance

Armagnac-laced dry sherry and rich almond with zesty refreshing citrus and a touch of creole bitter complexity.

Sleepy Smoker image

Sleepy Smoker

Smoked vodka delicately fortifies dry faintly salty manzanilla sherry with curaçao adding a touch of sweetness and zesty orange freshness.

Bronze Adonis image

Bronze Adonis

A simple yet fabulous twist on the Adonis.

Moondream image


Reminiscent of a delicately peach-flavoured Dry Martini.

Salty Lychee Martini image

Salty Lychee Martini

Faintly pink in colour and subtle in flavour with the delicately salty tang of manzanilla sherry.

The Witches image

The Witches

Herbal and complex.

Trident image


Bone dry and boozy, this cocktail is aimed at those who have a penchant for both sherry and aquavit, not to mention bittersweet artichoke liqueurs - hardly

Balm Cocktail image

Balm Cocktail

Medium dry sherry flavoured with orange and subtle spice.