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Bison grass vodka
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Polish Martini image

Polish Martini

In Poland, Bison Grass vodka and apple juice are a classic combo, here also with an additional splash of Polish honey liqueur. Adjust the quantity of

Ambrosio Cup image

Ambrosio Cup

Cachaça, Bison Grass vodka and manzanilla sherry combine harmoniously and are freshened with mint and lime in this refreshing cocktail.

Autumn Punch image

Autumn Punch

Autumnal in colour with a wonderful meld of complementary flavours.

Cold War Easier image

Cold War Easier

The reds are turned a shade near pink in this aromatic sipper.

Cucumber Martini image

Cucumber Martini

Cucumber has never tasted so good.

Elderflower Martini No.2 image

Elderflower Martini No.2

Dry but not bone dry with aromatic hints of grass and elderflower.

Escalator Cocktail image

Escalator Cocktail

This orchard-fresh concoction was originally made with Korte Palinka (Hungarian pear schnapps).

Frisky Bison image

Frisky Bison

Sweet 'n' sour, fruity, minty and fresh.

Polish Pear Martini image

Polish Pear Martini

Pear fruitiness with suitably Martini boozy aromatic vodka.

Pooh'tini image


Grassy honey with spicy, slightly tannic, camomile finish.

R U Bobby Moore? image

R U Bobby Moore?

It's common to pair Scotch whisky with apple, and Bison Grass vodka with apple juice, but combining these three with acidic wine and rich honey adds sweet

Sodden Grape image

Sodden Grape

A 'sod' is a piece of turf. Here 'sodden' refers to the Bison grass, the flavour of which combines well with the grapes and icewine.

Tatanka image


The taste of this excellent drink (which is equally good served straight-up) is a little reminiscent of Earl Grey tea.

Well-fortified image


A Bamboo meets a Vodka Martini in this boozy, vodka-laced aromatic aperitif cocktail, so named due to this cocktail packing a trio of fortified wines.

Zubrowka Cocktail image

Zubrowka Cocktail

The grassy notes of Zubrówka and delicate cinnamon shine through in this well-balanced and well-integrated delicately spicy vintage cocktail.

Zuzu's Petals cocktail image

Zuzu's Petals cocktail

Bittersweet with fragrant bison grass vodka and fruity Maraschino cherry flavours supported by bitter gentian, rich elderflower and lime juice.

Achilles Heel image

Achilles Heel

If you like French Martinis you'll love this semi-sweet Tatanka.

Amber image


A combination of adult flavours in a long, thirst-quenching drink. Also good served straight-up.

Apple Breeze image

Apple Breeze

More interesting than the better known Sea Breeze.

Apple Pie Cocktail image

Apple Pie Cocktail

There's a good hit of cinnamon in this apple pie.