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Pear & cognac liqueur
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Kentucky Pear image

Kentucky Pear

Pear, apple, vanilla and whiskey are partners in this richly flavoured drink.

Long Flight of Stairs image

Long Flight of Stairs

A seriously tasty, strong, long drink. The name is a reversal of the London rhyming slang 'apples and pears' (stairs).

Nice Pear image

Nice Pear

Despite the no missus Frankie Howerd-like, English seaside postcard humour name, this is a very tasteful cocktail – pear and cognac is a delicious flavour

Pear Shaped #1 (Deluxe Version) image

Pear Shaped #1 (Deluxe Version)

Wonderful balance of flavours but pear predominates with a dry yet floral finish.

Spiced Pear image

Spiced Pear

Just as it says on the tin - spiced pear.

Inga from Sweden image

Inga from Sweden

Inga must like a touch of bitter Italian with her fruit.

Pear & Cardamom Sidecar image

Pear & Cardamom Sidecar

A wonderful meld of aromatic ingredients.

Pear Drop Cocktail image

Pear Drop Cocktail

Not as sticky as the sweet it takes its name from but full-on tangy pear.

Perry Cocktail image

Perry Cocktail

Pear with a hint of sparkle.

Prickly Pear Mule image

Prickly Pear Mule

Subtle pear with ginger spice. Fill the glass with ice and go easy on the ginger beer which can predominate and overpower the pear.

Sleeping Bison-Tini image

Sleeping Bison-Tini

A light cocktail featuring a melange of subtle flavours.

Sparkling Perry image

Sparkling Perry

Reminiscent of perry (pear cider).

Steep Flight image

Steep Flight

Apples and pears is the cockney rhyming slang for stairs, hence the flavours in this particular flight.

Teddy Bear image

Teddy Bear

Light (low in alcohol) and tad on the sweet side, apple and pear with a hint of cinnamon spice.

Apples 'N' Pears image

Apples 'N' Pears

In cockney rhyming slang 'apples and pears' means stairs. The flavours of the fruits also combine well, here fortified with vodka.

Asian Pear Cocktail image

Asian Pear Cocktail

Sake and pear juice with a kick.

Pear & Vanilla Rickey image

Pear & Vanilla Rickey

Vanilla and pear create a creamy mouthful cut by lime juice.

Pear Drop (shot) image

Pear Drop (shot)

Sweet, sticky and strong.

Pear Shaped #2 (Popular Version) image

Pear Shaped #2 (Popular Version)

Scotch, pear and apple combine wonderfully in this medium-sweet long drink.

Roa Ae image

Roa Ae

Not quite the best, but this long, fruity thirst quencher isn't half bad.