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Cacao & coffee spiced rum
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Dunkel & Stürmig image

Dunkel & Stürmig

Dunkel & Stürmig is German for Dark & Stormy and indeed this ia a tasty coffee and cacao spiced rum riff on the classic Dark 'N' Stormy.

La Familia (by Ian Burrell) image

La Familia (by Ian Burrell)

Tommy's Margarita meets a Daiquiri with spice, chocolate and coffee. Tasty!

Tropicalia image


Delicately spiced with cacao and coffee sitting atop a basket of fruit (overripe banana, pineapple and lime).

Rum 'n' It image

Rum 'n' It

Created in 2020 by Erik Lorincz at Kwānt, London, England. Originally made with Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino rosso vermouth.

Spiced Alexander image

Spiced Alexander

As the name suggests, this riff on a Brandy Alexander has a delicately spicy finish that cuts through the creaminess.

Cantinero Coffee image

Cantinero Coffee

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Jeroen Van Hecke at L'Apereau in Blankenberge, Belgium.

Three of Strong image

Three of Strong

Cacao and coffee flavours from the rum shine in this fruity and delicately spicy Tiki influenced cocktail.

El Patron image

El Patron

Chocolate and coffee flavours from the spiced rum are central to this spirit-forward aperitivo/digestivo.

Fourteenth Century image

Fourteenth Century

A riff on the classic 20th Century based on Black Tears spiced rum and so named due to the Black Death reaping its havoc in the 14th Century.

Maria Soto Robbins image

Maria Soto Robbins

We've added a splash of water to 'open' up this subtly coffee and cacao riff on a classic Daiquiri.

Patchanka image


Lightly bitter, chocolate and coffee with zesty orange. Perfect as an aperitivo.

Sweet Tears of Mine image

Sweet Tears of Mine

The smell of the caramel popcorn garnish as you sip completes this lightly sour caramel, cacao and coffee cocktail.

Double Black image

Double Black

Dark bitter chocolate and rich espresso with delicate spice.

Little Cuba image

Little Cuba

Chocolate and raisin flavours with delicate herbal spice add complexity to this Rum Negroni.

Tears in Heaven image

Tears in Heaven

A richly flavoured, well-balanced after-dinner cocktail.

Spiced Rum Negroni image

Spiced Rum Negroni

Mellow and slightly sweet with flavours of caramel, chocolate and rich orange.

Black Espresso image

Black Espresso

This riff on a classic Espresso Martini has great depth of flavour with cacao and currant flavours.

Black Cuban image

Black Cuban

A cacao and coffee spiced rum riff on an Old Cuban.

Tearful Chocolate Mojito image

Tearful Chocolate Mojito

Chocolatey mint mojito with a crisp tonic dryness.

Public Enemy No.1 image

Public Enemy No.1

A rich and richly flavoured dessert cocktail highlighting the coffee and cacao flavours of the spiced rum.

Callahan's Painkiller image

Callahan's Painkiller

This riff on the classic Painkiller features the distinctive flavours of coffee and cacao spiced rum.

Mujer Negra image

Mujer Negra

Coffee and cacao flavours shine in this rum-based aperitivo.

Ají Dulce image

Ají Dulce

In South American Spanish ají means 'chili pepper' and dulce means 'sweet', so the name of this drink translates as 'sweet chili pepper'.

Tears & Dreams image

Tears & Dreams

Fruity but well-balanced with distinctive coffee and cacao flavours from the rum.

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