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Mastiha liqueur
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Fresh Martini image

Fresh Martini

The perfect digestif Martini. Mastiha and white crème de menthe - both renowned for their digestive properties - add cooling freshness to this wet, lightly

Minty Pentones cocktail image

Minty Pentones cocktail

Gin's botanical complexity combined with minty and mastiha freshness and a pink hint of cranberry fruitiness makes for a cleansing after-dinner digestif.

Greek Celery Cocktail image

Greek Celery Cocktail

Celery and mastiha pair well, while gin adds a spirituous bite and botanical complexity. A small grind of pepper to finish adds a nuance of spice.

Eccentrica Daiquiri image

Eccentrica Daiquiri

Daiquiris are refreshing but I believe this mastiha and birch water influenced example is particularly so.

Denny & Eleni image

Denny & Eleni

Named after Denny Kallivoka and Eleni Nikoloulia, our favourite Greek drinks writers, this whisky based cocktail has a healthy glug of mastiha with birch

It's All Greek To Me image

It's All Greek To Me

A fresh and refreshing aperitivo or digestivo with vinous tsipouro, distinctive mastiha notes, and zesty lemon.

Greek Martini image

Greek Martini

Mastiha (which after all is a botanically flavoured spirit) combines wonderfully with gin and dry vermouth. A splash of ouzo adds a touch more Greek personality.

She's Like image

She's Like

An unlikely combination of big rich flavours, but when served ice-cold this is either a very interesting Mediterranean aperitivo or a palate cleansing

Art de Vivre (Art of Living) image

Art de Vivre (Art of Living)

Cognac freshened and flavoured with Mastiha, Fernet Branca and chocolate bitters.

El Mediterraneo image

El Mediterraneo

Lebanese Bacardí Legacy 2015 winning cocktail by Jad Ballout, Bar Manager at Central Station Boutique Bar in Beirut, Lebanon.

Greek Espresso Martini image

Greek Espresso Martini

The distinctive flavours of tsipouro and mastiha influence this 'Greek' Espresso Martini.

Wood Sap & Sand cocktail image

Wood Sap & Sand cocktail

Fresh and refreshing Greek mastiha replaces cherry liqueur in this riff on the classic Blood & Sand.

Ramos Greek Fizz image

Ramos Greek Fizz

This clever riff on a classic Ramos Gin Fizz harnesses a trio of Greek specialties: tsipouro, mastiha and yoghurt.

Smoky Tears cocktail image

Smoky Tears cocktail

Best described as being a mezcal, mastiha and pink grapefruit Margarita. It’s a great combo. Mastiha freshness with a hint of smoky mezcal is balanced

Aristotle cocktail image

Aristotle cocktail

The thinking man's mixed drink, this is based on gin with the distinctive flavour of Greek mastiha and lengthened with birch water.

Marvin's Last Word image

Marvin's Last Word

The distinctive notes of mastiha and Chartreuse shine in this Greek riff on the classic Last Word.

Woody cocktail image

Woody cocktail

Named not after the cheery chap in Cheers or even the Beatles’ Norwegian Wood but due to this particularly Woody cocktail containing birch water and

Mediterranean Sour image

Mediterranean Sour

This tasty sour features the distinctive flavour of mastiha.

South of Heaven cocktail image

South of Heaven cocktail

Bittersweet and refreshing with the very distinctive flavours of mastiha and Fernet Branca.

Pink Khaleesi image

Pink Khaleesi

Pretty in pink but with a hint of spice and the distinctive Greek flavour of mastiha.

Ionian Spritz cocktail image

Ionian Spritz cocktail

The Greeks and Italians are separated by the Ionian Sea, in this Spritz both countries come together with Italian Prosecco and Greek Mastiha.

Cosmopolis cocktail image

Cosmopolis cocktail

A riff on a Cosmopolitan with the distinctive Greek influence of mastiha.

Mastiha Mojito image

Mastiha Mojito

Mastiha adds a distinctively Greek fresh flavour to this otherwise fairly classic mojito.

Mastiha & Tonic image

Mastiha & Tonic

The very distinctive taste of mastiha with freshening tonic water.

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