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San Francisco (Café Royal recipe) image

San Francisco (Café Royal recipe)

Fruity, aromatic and complex. This is one of my favourite sloe gin cocktails, made all the more appealing by its bijou serve.

Sangaree (Sangria) image

Sangaree (Sangria)

Summer in a glass. Heavy wine tannins are sweetened, lightened and infused with fruit.

Satan's Whiskers (Straight) image

Satan's Whiskers (Straight)

Dry and citrusy with underlying piney gin and herbal complexity.

Sazerac image


If you are rightly concerned about chucking expensive absinthe down the drain then consider straining into a shot glass and serve on the side. The roughly

Scorpion image


Well-balanced, refreshing spirit and orange. Not sweet.

Scotch Sour image

Scotch Sour

This drink is sadly often overlooked in favour of the bourbon-based Whiskey Sour. Depending on the peatiness of the whisky, I don't tend to add bitters

Screaming Orgasm image

Screaming Orgasm

As fattening as it is alcoholic, this indugent, creamy dessert in a glass cocktail is served with generous innuendo.

Seabreeze image


Many don't bother to shake this simple drink, instead simply building by pouring ingredients into ice-filled glass and then briefly stirring to mix.

Sex on the Beach (Difford's) image

Sex on the Beach (Difford's)

Sweet fruitiness masks the alcohol in this easy-drinking, long cocktail. Sex is associated with red ( light district) and is represented in this

Sgroppino / Sorbetto image

Sgroppino / Sorbetto

Smooth and all too easy to quaff. A great dessert.

Shaft image


Irish cream liqueur adds a creamy mocha note to this Shaft version but some make with cream and others milk, either combining all ingredients prior to

Sherry Cobbler image

Sherry Cobbler

This age old cocktail is said to have been the drink for which the waxed paper straw was invented. To quote Harry Johnson, from his 1882 Bartender's Manual,

Sidecar image


Cognac shines over freshening lemon and orange zestiness. Hopefully, you'll find this recipe perfectly balanced, but those with a sweet tooth may prefer

Silk Stocking image

Silk Stocking

So smooooooth but still retains a tequila bite and a hint of chocolate and fruit.

Singapore Sling image

Singapore Sling

Beautifully balanced, fruity and complex with just enough gin to add a spirituous bite.

Sloe Gin Fizz image

Sloe Gin Fizz

With the right brand of sloe gin and champagne, this citrusy berry cocktail is just on the dry/tart side of balanced (add more sugar or choose your sloe

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall image

Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall

Galliano adds the wall (as in Harvey Wallbanger) and some herbal peppermint to this Slow Comfortable Screw. Yes, the name's corny but made with fresh orange,

Snowball image


Deliciously silky smooth, indulgent, and decadent. Rich thick and creamy advocaat freshened with dry sherry, zesty lime cordial, and invigorated with champagne.

Southside image


Gin and mint with a splash of lime. If you like a Mojito and you like gin, then you'll also like the Southside.

Spritz Al Bitter/Veneziano image

Spritz Al Bitter/Veneziano

Basically a Spritzer with a generous splash of Italian red bitter liqueur - dry and very refreshing. The perfect aperitivo.

Stinger image


Classically the Stinger is shaken and served straight-up in a chilled coupe. However, I think it makes for a more refreshing peppermint and brandy digestif

Strawberry Caipirinha image

Strawberry Caipirinha

Easy drinking, fruity and refreshing with cachaça's distinctive flavour.

Strawberry Daiquiri (frozen) image

Strawberry Daiquiri (frozen)

Strawberry Mivvi for grown-ups.

Strawberry Margarita (frozen) image

Strawberry Margarita (frozen)

Slightly sweet but yummy with an interplay between tequila, rich strawberry and tart fresh lime.

Suffering Bastard  image

Suffering Bastard

Unusually combining gin and cognac, lengthened and spiced with ginger beer, this vintage classic was originally designed as a hangover cure.

Tequila Sour image

Tequila Sour

A Margarita without orange liqueur (e.g. a Tommy's Margarita) is not a margarita at all but a tequila sour. The triple sec orange liqueur is one of the

Tequila Sunrise image

Tequila Sunrise

This 1970s zesty citrus version of the Tequila Sunrise looks the part and comes with a sweet treat at the bottom of the glass.

Three Dots and a Dash image

Three Dots and a Dash

Rhum Agricole and Allspice Dram play a huge role in what is one of the most complex of all classic Tiki drinks.

Ti' Punch image

Ti' Punch

As the name suggests – this drink is punchy – traditionally made with 50% alc./vol. rhum agricole. And, even if you choose to add ice, then dilution

Tia Mia image

Tia Mia

This Mai Tai riff is equally good and becomes a Mexican Mai Tai when made with añejo tequila in placed of aged rum.

Tipperary image


Chartreuse fans will love this Irish whiskey-forward nightcap.

Tom Collins image

Tom Collins

A medium-dry Gin Collins.

Tommy's Margarita image

Tommy's Margarita

The flavour of agave is king in this simple Margarita, made without the traditional orange liqueur.

Trinidad Sour image

Trinidad Sour

This deep lurid reddy-brown cocktail won't be to everybody's taste but that's only to be expected with one-and-a-half shots of bitters. However, if you

Turf Club (Johnson's recipe) image

Turf Club (Johnson's recipe)

Despite the maraschino liqueur this Martini-style cocktail is dry and punchy.

Tuxedo (Difford's recipe) image

Tuxedo (Difford's recipe)

Inspired by the numerous other Tuxedo recipes, this combines the best of them all (besides the sherry) but with a faint hint of sweetness (from the bianco

Twentieth Century image

Twentieth Century

Dry and gin laced with subtle notes of chocolate, dry vermouth and lemon.

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