Election cocktails

Words by Simon Difoord

Photography by Dan Malpass

Election cocktails image 1

Here at Difford's Guide, like at a dinner party, we try to avoid politics and religion, but we couldn't resist selecting cocktails to represent some of the main UK political parties.

The first cocktail for each party is the one photographed.
Cocktails were selected solely for their hue.


ency 71 imageBlue is said to represent trust and reliability, making it a popular choice for corporates, tech firms, and even the NHS.
Angelo Azzurro
Blue lady
Black Widow's Bite
Sharmann-Cox Daiquiri
Blue Monday
Blue Lagoon


ency 23 imageRepresenting socialism since the French Revolution in the 18th century, red symbolises "the blood of the angry workers" rising against oppression.
Red Hook
Red Manhattan
Red Snapper
Red Earl
Red Rum Martini


ency 89 imageTurquoise leans towards being blue but is distinctive in the crowded spectrum of political hues.
Jack Frost
Gun Metal Blue
Turquoise Daiquiri
China Blue
Adios Motherfucker
Blue Passion

Liberal Democrats

ency 49 imageOrange is a blend of yellow and red, representing the merger of the Liberal and Social Democratic parties.
Orange Daiquiri
Orange Blossom
Orange Brulée
Aperitivo Spritz
Mai Tai

Green Party

ency 81 imageObvious, given the party's name and the colour's representation of environmentalism.
Cosmic Alaska
The Last Word
Green Beast
Gin Basil Smash
Chartreuse Swizzle

Scottish National Party (SNP)

ency 48 imageYellow symbolises happiness and optimism (think an ad for McDonald's), but for the SNP, the colour dates back to 1928 and David Lloyd George's report known as "The Yellow Book."
Apple grass
Yellow Bird
Mellow Yellow
Yellow Bird
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Daisy

And if you should find yourself drawn into politics whilst sipping your cocktail, remember the wise words of Thomas Jefferson, "I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend."

As they say, "for a full list of all parties standing in the UK's 2024 election, please see the BBC website."

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