3 Ingredient Cocktails

3-ingredient Tequila cocktails

Paloma (Simple) image

Paloma (Simple)

Long, fruity and refreshing.

Teqroni image


Lighter and slightly sweeter than a classic gin-based Negroni with Italian bitter liqueur. However, this Italian and Mexican trio make for pleasing cross-continental

La Perla image

La Perla

Simple yet complex, this beautifully balanced cocktail has faint saltiness from the manzanilla, delicate pear fruit and well-integrated fortifying tequila.

Medicina Latina image

Medicina Latina

A ginger spiced and honeyed Tequila Sour.

Oaxaca Old-Fashioned image

Oaxaca Old-Fashioned

An agave-based old-fashioned with a wonderful hit of smokiness from the mezcal. Like many cocktails, Philip's original recipe (of 45 ml Reposado tequila,

Tommy's Margarita image

Tommy's Margarita

The flavour of agave is king in this simple Margarita, made without the traditional orange liqueur.

Batanga image


Basically a Cuba Libre made with tequila in place of rum and an all-important pinch of salt.

El Torado image

El Torado

Dry, sophisticated and fruity, with tequila body.

Flutter image


Three ingredients combine harmoniously and, depending on your coffee liqueur, perhaps just the merest tad on the sweet side.

Freddy Fudpucker image

Freddy Fudpucker

A Harvey Wallbanger made with tequila in place of vodka. Squeeze quality oranges just before making and you'll be amazed just how good this cocktail is.

Lavender Margarita image

Lavender Margarita

As the name suggests, a floral, lavender-influenced margarita.

Mexican Nail image

Mexican Nail

Very complex with obvious Islay whisky and tequila notes made more interesting with subtle spice and chocolaty notes.

Mexican Manhattan image

Mexican Manhattan

You've tried this with bourbon and rye, now surprise yourself with aged tequila.

Mexican Surfer image

Mexican Surfer

Frothy topped, easy to make, and all too easy to drink. Looking at the recipe you might expect this cocktail to be overly sweet. it's not.

Mexican image


Delicately sweetened pineapple and tequila. Yumm! If you like this then you'll love a Mexican Martini.

Oooh Ginger image

Oooh Ginger

Subtle ginger spice flavours this dry tequila martini-esque cocktail.

Pineapple Margarita image

Pineapple Margarita

As advertised, a Margarita with a pineapple fruit.

Pre Siesta image

Pre Siesta

Orange liqueurs and bitters flavour this tequila-based, salmon-pink bittersweet cocktail that is perhaps better-served on-the-rocks.

Rude Gypsy image

Rude Gypsy

Tequila shines in this delightfully honeyed and herbal cocktail.

Rusty Margarita image

Rusty Margarita

The rich honeyed notes from Drambuie combine harmoniously with tequila and add an extra dimension to this tasty Margarita. This cocktail is perhaps at

Saúco Margarita image

Saúco Margarita

The floral notes of elderflower combine wonderfully with the herbaceous tequila and citrusy lime.

Tequila Sunrise image

Tequila Sunrise

This 1970s zesty citrus version of the Tequila Sunrise looks the part and comes with a sweet treat at the bottom of the glass.

Tiki Margarita image

Tiki Margarita

A simple almond twist on the classic Margarita - fantastic.

Toreador image


Apricot brandy replaces triple sec in what otherwise follows the same recipe as a classic Margarita (2 tequila, 1 triple sec, 1 lime juice). As with classic

Two-One-Two (212) image

Two-One-Two (212)

Earthy taste with freshness coming from the grapefruit.

Lunes Aperitivo image

Lunes Aperitivo

On the dry side of bittersweet. As the name suggests this is intended to be drunk as the first aperitivo of the week, preferably accompanied by olives.

Añejo Old Fashioned image

Añejo Old Fashioned

A hint of agave syrup sweetness and dilution from the stirred ice knocks back the spirit's fire while opening and releasing agave flavours. (If you don't

Estilo Viejo image

Estilo Viejo

Basically, a Tequila Old-fashioned, it's even better when made with añejo tequila.

Honey Margarita image

Honey Margarita

Strictly speaking, as this cocktail doesn't contain an orange liqueur it is not a Margarita but should properly be termed a Honey Tequila Sour. We decided

Med Mex Cocktail image

Med Mex Cocktail

Created in 2015 by Dimitris Dafopoulos, Athens, Greece.

Mexican Jumping Bean image

Mexican Jumping Bean

The lovechild of Dick Bradsell's Espresso Martini and Tommy's Margarita.

Mexican Martini image

Mexican Martini

Considering tequila is replacing vodka in this French Martini riff, you'd think blanco tequila would work best. However, having tried this and reposado

Mexican Tea (Hot) image

Mexican Tea (Hot)

Tiffin will never be the same again.

Tequila Smash image

Tequila Smash

Simple, not too sweet - a great way to appreciate quality tequila.

The Original Margarita image

The Original Margarita

There's debate as to who created the original Margarita recipe and when with a Dallas socialite called Margarita Sames most often credited (see below).

Tijuana Brass image

Tijuana Brass

Pronounced Tea-You-One-Na this is basically a Tommy's Margarita topped with cucumber foam.

TNT (Tequila 'N' Tonic) image

TNT (Tequila 'N' Tonic)

A simple but very tasty way to enjoy tequila.

Alice From Dallas image

Alice From Dallas

Coffee and orange spiked with tequila. The trio layer well and combine to make a tasty shot (perhaps stir together and sip to savour the experience rather

Youth & Treachery image

Youth & Treachery

This spirituous bittersweet aperitif is reminiscent of a White Negroni, but based on tequila rather than gin.

Dreiklang (Three of a Kind) image

Dreiklang (Three of a Kind)

Named after the German word for 'three of a kind' due to the trio of flavours encountered in this drink; orange (from the twist), agave and chocolate.

Ginger Margarita image

Ginger Margarita

Ginger liqueur replaces orange liqueur in this lightly spicy margarita.

Hibiscus Margarita image

Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus combines wonderfully with tequila in this flavoursome Margarita.

Hot Tommy image

Hot Tommy

A Mexican twist on the original winter pick-me-up.

Marmarita image


A Margarita with a Marmite rim. After all, yeast extract is slightly salty.

Mayan image


Tequila, coffee and pineapple combine harmoniously in this medium-dry cocktail.

Mexican Squeeze image

Mexican Squeeze

The success of this cocktail is as much about the quality of your tequila as it is about your choice of lemonade. Made well and this Squeeze is zesty,

Picador image


The name might be more masculine, but it is still a classic Margarita. This 2:1:1 recipe is a touch on the sour side for most so you may want to add a

Tequila Sunset image

Tequila Sunset

A good sweet and sour balance with tequila character seemingly boosted by the honey.

All Fall Down image

All Fall Down

Too many of these and you will.

Cloud 9 image

Cloud 9

A trio of big flavours (tequila, Lillet Blanc and gentian liqueur) come together in a bitter and dry aperitif.

Cool Martini image

Cool Martini

Tastes nothing like the ingredients - which include melon, tequila and cranberry juice. Try it and see if you taste toffee.

El Pedroni image

El Pedroni

Tequila replaces gin in this Negroni variation. Not an easy option.

Iguana image


Coffee and tequila's successful relationship is enhanced by the introduction of vodka.

Marigold Spritz image

Marigold Spritz

Light easy drinking and refreshing, delicate quinine bitterness in the tonic water balances light sweetness from the peach liqueur in this tequila laced

Raging Bull (shot) image

Raging Bull (shot)

Coffee and sambuca make a great combination, as do coffee and tequila.

Sloe Tequila image

Sloe Tequila

Berry fruit and tequila with a surprisingly tart, bitter finish.

Viejo Martini image

Viejo Martini

A ‘Dry Martini’ influenced by a hint aged tequila.

Gold Rush Slammer image

Gold Rush Slammer

Flakes of gold dance with the champagne's bubbles.

Passion Killer image

Passion Killer

Tropical fruit and tequila.

Purple Turtle image

Purple Turtle

An aquamarine shoot with tequila, sloe gin and blue curaçao.

TVR image


Very much 'driven' by the flavour of Red Bull. Use an anejo tequila to balance the initial sweetness on the palate.

Flatliner image


A serious combination of sweetness, strength and heat. Looks weird and tastes weirder.