3 Ingredient Cocktails

3-ingredient Vodka cocktails

Three Gulps Martini image

Three Gulps Martini

This delicious four to one ratio martini with both vermouth and sherry has a tasty treat to savour with the last gulp.

Drink Without A Name image

Drink Without A Name

To say this nameless cocktail is spirit-led is an understatement but, as with a Martini, achieve a sufficiently cold serving temperature and you'll enjoy

Spanish Espresso Martini image

Spanish Espresso Martini

This riff on Dick Brasell's classic Espresso Martini introduces rich vanilla and faint and delicate herbal notes.

Absolute Gangster image

Absolute Gangster

A mere four drops of Abbotts Bitters play a crucial role in this delicately sweetened and complex vodka-based cocktail.

Vodka Silver Bullet image

Vodka Silver Bullet

Perhaps best described as a Kümmel Martini with kümmel liqueur's strong caraway flavours fortified with vodka, freshened and made more complex by the

Swiss Account image

Swiss Account

A vodka charged bittersweet aperitif with herbal notes laced with grainy vodka.

Hairy Navel image

Hairy Navel

Fruity and a touch on the sweet side, this is a Screwdriver with added peach schnapps liqueur.

Flat White Martini image

Flat White Martini

Martini drinkers of the gin/vodka and vermouth variety will describe this drink as being all too flat and all too white, but for lovers of flat white coffees

Espresso Martini (simple 3 equal parts recipe) image

Espresso Martini (simple 3 equal parts recipe)

Balanced, tasty and enlivening, this cocktail is incredibly quick and easy to make using just three ingredients that should be every day essentials in

Kill Bill cocktail image

Kill Bill cocktail

There is little danger of killing bill with this slightly sweet, lychee and ginger drink which is laced with less than one shot of vodka.

Perfect Guest image

Perfect Guest

Clean grainy vodka forms the back bone of this floral and herbal delicate dessert Vodkatini-style drink.

Le Fume image

Le Fume

Peat smoked Islay whisky meets pinewood smoked Chinese tea, fortified with vodka.

Viejo Martini image

Viejo Martini

A ‘Dry Martini’ influenced by a hint aged tequila.

Royal Toast image

Royal Toast

Rich cherry liqueur flavours are balanced by dry vermouth and lifted by vodka.

Fur Collar image

Fur Collar

Apricot brandy adds fruity zingyness to what otherwise would be a Screwdriver served straight-up.

Russian Cocktail image

Russian Cocktail

Sweet brandy meets dry cherry eau-de-vie in this serious vodka-laced cocktail. Contemporary bartenders may prefer to stir this cocktail but it's classically

Gypsy Queen image

Gypsy Queen

Vodka both fortifies this complexly spiced honeyed and herbal cocktail.

Apple Martini (with apple schnapps) image

Apple Martini (with apple schnapps)

There are as many different recipes for this drink as there are varieties of apple and brands of apple liqueur: this one was popular in the UK during the

Parisian Martini image

Parisian Martini

Floral vodka with dry vermouth complexity.

Orange Spur image

Orange Spur

Stir well - this bittersweet drink benefits from dilution.

Negroski  image


A Negroni where vodka is substituted for gin.

Kangaroo Dry Martini image

Kangaroo Dry Martini

Temperature is key to the enjoyment of this modern classic. Consume while icy cold.

Indochine image


Slightly sweet and very frothy. Easy drinking with a ginger kick.

Grape Cocktail image

Grape Cocktail

Green Chartreuse adds extra complexity to what would otherwise be simply vodka-laced grape juice.

Flame of Love Martini image

Flame of Love Martini

Bone dry but fresh and most definitely citrusy.

Clubland Cocktail image

Clubland Cocktail

Go easy on the bitters and this is a complex and rewarding Martini-style drink.

Bullfrog #2 image

Bullfrog #2

Long, dry and fresh.

Bearskin Martini image

Bearskin Martini

A caraway-influenced Martini.

Harpoon Cocktail image

Harpoon Cocktail

Innocuously light in both flavour and alcohol. Add a shot of triple sec and you are well on your way to making a Cosmopolitan.

Woo Woo image

Woo Woo

Fruity, cranberry laced with vodka and sweet peach liqueur. A quaffable cocktail from the 1980s.

White Stinger image

White Stinger

A liquid After Eight. Some will prefer to stir, rather than shake this cocktail but it's better to shake it to wake it.

White Russian Cocktail image

White Russian Cocktail

One of the best-known cocktails of the modern era the White Russian presents vodka and coffee liqueur served on the rocks, sipped through a silky layer

White Elephant image

White Elephant

Smooth and creamy with a hint of chocolate.

Watermelon Martini image

Watermelon Martini

Watermelon fruit shines in this medium-dry riff on a Vodka Martini.

Volga Boatman image

Volga Boatman

A Screwdriver served straight up with a twist of cherry.

Two 'T' Fruity image

Two 'T' Fruity

Simple is beautiful - this drink is both. The rawness of vodka is balanced with sweet passion fruit and hints of orange bitters.

Twinkle image


It's hard to believe this floral, dry, light golden tipple is so loaded with alcohol. Go easy twinkle toes!

Triple 'C' Cocktail image

Triple 'C' Cocktail

Rich vanilla, dark chocolate and cranberry juice. Indulgent and best after dinner.

Transylvanian Martini image

Transylvanian Martini

A tad sweet nut very fruity.

Testarossa image


Bittersweet liqueur and soda with vodka providing some oomph.

Tawny-Tini image


Port combines wonderfully with the maple syrup and is fortified by grainy vodka to produce a toffee-flavoured cocktail.

Strawberry Martini image

Strawberry Martini

Rich strawberries fortified with vodka and a hint of pepper spice.

Smartini image


Citrus with a crispy chocolate edge. A sweetie.

Showbiz image


Sweet cassis soured with grapefruit and fortified with vodka.

Seabreeze image


Many don't bother to shake this simple drink, instead simply building by pouring ingredients into ice-filled glass and then briefly stirring to mix.

Screwdriver (Difford's recipe) image

Screwdriver (Difford's recipe)

The temperature at which this drink is served and the freshness of the orange juice are crucial to its success, but it's perhaps better made into a Harvey

Salty Dog image

Salty Dog

Rich maraschino balances tart grapefruit in this vodka-laced aperitivo. Perhaps more interesting with gin in place of vodka.

Sakini image


Sake adds an almost wine-like delicacy to this approachable riff on the classic Dry Martini.

Rocky Mountain Rootbeer image

Rocky Mountain Rootbeer

Does indeed taste reminiscent of alcoholic root beer.

Raspberry Martini image

Raspberry Martini

Vodka-laced rich berry fruit and dashes of zesty citrus.

Pontberry Martini image

Pontberry Martini

A light, fruity, easy drinking cocktail.

Pomegranate Cocktail image

Pomegranate Cocktail

This drink was originally based on gin but we find that juniper and pomegranate clash.

Pear & Elderflower Fruitini image

Pear & Elderflower Fruitini

Pear and elderflower fortified with vodka.

Passion Fruit Martini (simple) image

Passion Fruit Martini (simple)

Very fruity, slightly sweet, easy drinking and vodka-laced.

Passion Fruit Martini image

Passion Fruit Martini

Simple but tasty, harnessing the flavour of passion fruit.

Nutty Russian image

Nutty Russian

A Black Russian with hazelnut liqueur.

Nutcracker Sweet image

Nutcracker Sweet

After dinner, fortified almond and chocolate.

Muddy Water image

Muddy Water

Coffee and whiskey cream with added vodka.

Moscow Mule image

Moscow Mule

The vodka drink with a kick is simply vodka and ginger beer with a squeeze of lime served over ice. This drink's all-important enlivening spice is provided

Milano image


A vodka-based Negroni.

Merry Widow #2 image

Merry Widow #2

Vinous and aromatic.

Melon Martini (fresh fruit) image

Melon Martini (fresh fruit)

Probably the most popular of all the fresh fruit Martinis.

Martini Royale image

Martini Royale

The Kir Royale meets the vodkatini in this pink but powerful drink.

Madras image


A seabreeze with orange juice in place of grapefruit, making it slightly sweeter.

Limoncello Martini image

Limoncello Martini

If you like the liqueur, you'll love the cocktail.

Lavender Martini image

Lavender Martini

Infusing lavender in liquor tends to make it bitter but the Parfait Amour adds sweetness as well as flavour and colour.

Lavender & Black Pepper Cocktail image

Lavender & Black Pepper Cocktail

Subtly sweetened and lavender flavoured vodka, with a bump and grind of spicy pepper.

Ink Cocktail #2 image

Ink Cocktail #2

Muscle shell blue in colour. Vodka charged cranberry and orange in flavour.

Illicit Affair image

Illicit Affair

Fruity, easy drinking.

Iguana Wana image

Iguana Wana

Orange juice and peach schnapps, laced with vodka.

Iced Sake Martini image

Iced Sake Martini

Icewine adds interesting and wonderfully subtle honeyed notes to this Sake Martini.

Hawaiian Seabreeze image

Hawaiian Seabreeze

An easy-going, foam topped relative of the Seabreeze.

Sunstroke image


Vodka-laced grapefruit and orange One to sip in the shade.

Grape Martini image

Grape Martini

Simple but remarkably tasty.

French Martini image

French Martini

Raspberry and pineapple laced with vodka. Easy drinking and very fruity.

French Leave image

French Leave

An easy drinking blend of vodka, anise and orange juice.

Flirtini #1 image

Flirtini #1

It's a French Martini - hard not to like.

Finitaly image


A berry-led, vodka-laced Fruitini.

Esquire #2 image

Esquire #2

Spirit (vodka) forward and floral with notes of berry fruit.

Espresso Martini image

Espresso Martini

Likened to a Vodka & Red Bull for the discerning, the caffeine-loaded Espresso Martini consists of generous shots of vodka and espresso with coffee liqueur.

Eastern Cocktail image

Eastern Cocktail

Light, fragrant and fruity - distinctly oriental.

Dry Ice Martini image

Dry Ice Martini

Icewine has fabulously rich concentrated flavours due to being made using grapes frozen on the vine in Canada's harsh and early winters. Thanks to icewine,

Dowa image


Very similar to the Caipirovska in its use of vodka, lime and crushed ice: the honey makes the difference.

Divino's image


The chocolate liqueur takes the acidity off the wine without masking its flavour.

Diable Rouge image

Diable Rouge

Not quite as rouge as the name would suggest. Hard to hate.

Dean's Gate Cocktail image

Dean's Gate Cocktail

Rich and strong with a warm, honeyed citrus flavour.

Californian Martini image

Californian Martini

A medium dry, fragrant orange Martini

Black Cherry Cocktail image

Black Cherry Cocktail

Subtle berry fruit tames vodka's sting with vermouth adding depth and complexity. Simple but tasty.

Apple & Elderflower Cocktail image

Apple & Elderflower Cocktail

Light and easy. Apple and elderflower laced with vodka.

Cuppa Joe image

Cuppa Joe

Nutty coffee fortified with vodka - well balanced.

Crown Stag image

Crown Stag

There's a note of raspberry and cola to this late-night cocktail.

Coconut Water image

Coconut Water

Have you ever drunk from a fresh coconut in the Caribbean? Well, this is London's alcoholic equivalent.

Chocolate Vodkatini image

Chocolate Vodkatini

Vodka and chocolate made more interesting with a hint of vermouth.

Choc & Nut Cocktail image

Choc & Nut Cocktail

Surprise, surprise - it's chocolate and hazelnut.

China Beach image

China Beach

Dry and lightly spiced.

Cherrute image


Sweet cherry brandy balanced by the fruity acidity of grapefruit, laced with vodka.

Cheeky Monkey image

Cheeky Monkey

Fire yellow in colour, this drink features the distinctive flavour of Chartreuse with a citrus supporting cast.

Celery Cocktail image

Celery Cocktail

Celery is usually only tasty when loaded with blue cheese. Vodka also seems to make it rather palatable.

Cape Codder image

Cape Codder

Dry and refreshing but not particularly interesting.

Caipirovska image


Vodka replaces cachaça in this Caipirinha-style drink.

Bullfrog #1 image

Bullfrog #1

Tastes of mint ice-cream.

Bloodhound #2 image

Bloodhound #2

A dry, tart, refreshing long drink.

Superminty-Chocolatini image


Obvious but tasty.

Big Apple Martini image

Big Apple Martini

There's no apple juice in this Martini, but it has an appealing light minty green hue.

Bellini-Tini image


Peachy! Based on the Bellini, funnily enough.

Bay Breeze image

Bay Breeze

Pink, fluffy, heading to the sweet side, and all too easy to drink.

Bali Trader image

Bali Trader

A tasty Caribbean combination of banana and pineapple.

Balalaika image


Richly flavoured with orange and lemon.

Apple Martini (IBA spec) image

Apple Martini (IBA spec)

Not really a Martini and not really much good.

Apple Martini (simple) image

Apple Martini (simple)

This is subtitled simple for good reason but, if freshly pressed juice is used, it's as good if not better than other Apple 'Martini' recipes.

Almond Martini image

Almond Martini

A delicate, almond-flavoured Vodka Martini.

Absolutely Fabulous image

Absolutely Fabulous

Easy to quaff – Patsy would love it.

Tainted Cherry image

Tainted Cherry

Orange and cherry combine to produce a flavour rather like amaretto.

One Sip Martini image

One Sip Martini

One sip is never enough of a really good thing – see our Three Gulps Martini.

Great Gatsby image

Great Gatsby

This grapefruit fresh and light cocktail is equally suited to the aperitivo moment as it is breakfast.

Cherry Fruitini image

Cherry Fruitini

Cherry juice laced with vodka and the merest hint of sweetness. Almost a healthy Martini.

Ice 'T' Knee image

Ice 'T' Knee

Honeyed palate topped off with tannin and jasmine.

Vodka Quarantini image

Vodka Quarantini

Described by its creator as the most delicious way to boost your immunity. The alcohol kills the germs. The local honey and lemon boost your immunity.

Watermelon Fruitini image

Watermelon Fruitini

So fruity, you could almost convince yourself this is a health drink.

57 T-Bird Shot image

57 T-Bird Shot

A 57 T-bird, or 1957 Ford Thunderbird to give it its full title, immortalised in the Beach Boys' song 'Fun Fun Fun', was the classic car for any 1950s'

Black Russian image

Black Russian

This popular cocktail is simple but tasty. Try with just a splash of cola (rather than also with the cream that makes a Colorado Bulldog).

Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini image

Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini

As the name implies, this Martini is a good helping of smoky peat. And, if you like that kind of thing, it's equally dreamy.

Fandango image


A heady mix of gin, vodka and the distinctive herbal flavour of Chartreuse.

Haydenistic image


Extremely subtle, like a very complex Wet Vodkatini.

Kamikaze image


A bite-sized vodka take on the Margarita.

Mrs Robinson #2 image

Mrs Robinson #2

A short Harvey Wallbanger.

Rosie Lassi Cocktail image

Rosie Lassi Cocktail

Creamy vanilla yoghurt with floral rose liqueur fortified with vodka.

After Eight image

After Eight

Looks like mouthwash but tastes like liquid After Eight chocolates. Dessert and after dinner minty drink in one.

Bitterest Pill image

Bitterest Pill

Bitter liqueur toned down by passion fruit flavoured sugar syrup.

Blue Fin image

Blue Fin

Citrussy, reminiscent of a blue Cosmo.

Blue Kamikaze image

Blue Kamikaze

Tangy orange - except it's blue.

E.T. image


Fortified creamy melon.

Hazelnut Martini image

Hazelnut Martini

A hazelnut Vodkatini with a hint of chocolate.

Iguana image


Coffee and tequila's successful relationship is enhanced by the introduction of vodka.

Lemon Drop image

Lemon Drop

Lemon and orange combine to make a fresh tasting citrus shot.

Liquorice Shot image

Liquorice Shot

For liquorice fans.

Purple Flirt #1 image

Purple Flirt #1

This purple drink is surprisingly balanced with subtle hints of liquorice.

Russian image


Gin and vodka with a sweet hint of chocolate.

Suitably Frank (shot) image

Suitably Frank (shot)

Frankly - it's sweet.

B-53 Shot image

B-53 Shot

Why settle for a 52 when you can go one better?

Detox image


Hardly a detox but tasty all the same.

Melon Ball Shot image

Melon Ball Shot

A vivid green combination of vodka, melon and orange.

Passover image


Tropical and sweet.

Russian Qualude Shot image

Russian Qualude Shot

An explosive herb and peppermint shot.

Silk Panties image

Silk Panties

This drink may be sweet but despite the silly name it is more serious than you might expect.

Tick-Tack Martini image

Tick-Tack Martini

Strangely enough, tastes like a Tic-Tac mint-flavoured Vodkatini.

TVR image


Very much 'driven' by the flavour of Red Bull. Use an anejo tequila to balance the initial sweetness on the palate.

Universal Shot image

Universal Shot

Sweet melon liqueur toned down by grapefruit and fortified by vodka.

Fourth of July Shot image

Fourth of July Shot

Looks cool... tastes less so!