3 Ingredient Cocktails

3-ingredient Gin cocktails

Iron Negroni image

Iron Negroni

Black in colour and with a flavour that's recognisably part of the Negroni family but with a flat Coke-like smoothness that makes a classic Negroni taste

Millionaire's Martini image

Millionaire's Martini

Normally we'd follow convention and honour the Martini name with a V-shaped glass. However, due to the splash of champagne, a coupe seems more in keeping

Cosmonaut image


Rich in both colour and flavour. Don't scrimp on the quality or amount of raspberry jam used.

Life is Beautiful image

Life is Beautiful

This dry herbal aperitif cocktail is enriched with the floral tones of elderflower liqueur.

Count Mast image

Count Mast

This three equal part cocktail makes for a perfect aperitivo.

Gin Sonic Highball image

Gin Sonic Highball

A lower alcohol and lower sugar version of a Gin & Tonic with a smaller serve of gin topped with equal parts tonic water and soda water so reducing the

Grassoide Ferro Cocktail image

Grassoide Ferro Cocktail

This simple but brilliantly complex aperitivo-cum-digestivo cocktail dates from the 1930s when it and most other cocktails were shaken. Don't allow the

Gin Spider Highball image

Gin Spider Highball

A Pink Gin & Ginger would also be a fitting name for this tasty alternative to a Gin & Tonic.

Darkside image


This gin, Barolo Chinato and Peychaud's bitters trio is remarkably reminiscent of a Negroni.

Yellow Daisy image

Yellow Daisy

This is the kind of cocktail that many bartenders will want to stir rather than shake. However, it is classically shaken. Herbal, zesty and spirituous.

Fairbanks No.2 image

Fairbanks No.2

Original Savoy and Vermeire recipes for this cocktail specify 2 dashes of crème de noyeaux. I've interpreted this as being a generous 5ml / 1/6oz measure

Old Etonian image

Old Etonian

This Wet Martini-style cocktail is basically, a Fairbanks No.2 but with Lillet in place of dry vermouth.

Dry Martini (4:1 ratio) image

Dry Martini (4:1 ratio)

A stirred four-to-one Martini is indeed a delicious thing. But is a five-to-one Martini even more delicious? Try both, and perhaps also a three-to-one.

Fitzgerald (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Fitzgerald (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Zingy candied sherbet lemon with hints of botanical complexity and herbal bitters. This drink is better with the addition of dashes of aromatic bitters

Gin Agrumi Highball image

Gin Agrumi Highball

Citrusy gin and accompanying botanicals, zesty limoncello and grapefruit soda.

Suffragette image


A Wet Gin Martini with a touch of elderflower floral richness.

Bald Head image

Bald Head

This could also be termed a Perfect Martini and it could be argued that bald is a perfect hairstyle – at least for us baldies.

Bijou Cocktail (inspired by Lawlor's 1895 recipe) image

Bijou Cocktail (inspired by Lawlor's 1895 recipe)

A boozy sipper of a cocktail that's medium dry with honeyed richness. Gin-based with zesty orange freshness and sweet vermouth adding deep herbal complexity.

Tuxedo No.4 or Tussetto image

Tuxedo No.4 or Tussetto

Bone dry and aromatic with green grape, citrus and mineral notes. Also consider garnishing this cocktail with an olive – it suits it. This is a tasty

Tuxedo Cocktail No.1 (Savoy & Duffy's recipe) image

Tuxedo Cocktail No.1 (Savoy & Duffy's recipe)

Bone dry with faint anise and liquorice notes from the absinthe.

Gimlet (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Gimlet (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Fresh lime juice replaces cordial in this vitamin C loaded, almost healthy gin laced sugar-free version of a classic Gimlet.

Rusty Peach Cocktail image

Rusty Peach Cocktail

A dark, delicately bittersweet and light in alcohol aperitif cocktail.

Fin de Siècle (End of Century) Cocktail image

Fin de Siècle (End of Century) Cocktail

Dry, spirituous and zesty, this is a cocktail that lends itself equally to apéritif or after-dinner occasions.

Orange Witch image

Orange Witch

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

May Vesper image

May Vesper

A bone dry and Islay smoked Vesper may appeal – certainly worth a try if you're into Martinis and Islay whisky.

Amber Negroni (Difford's recipe) image

Amber Negroni (Difford's recipe)

As the name suggests, this riff on a classic Negroni is amber in colour with honeyed notes and is not quite as bitter as the classic red version.

Negroni Bianco image

Negroni Bianco

This white Negroni is not quite as dry and bitter as a traditional red Negroni and has additional pleasing creamy honeysuckle notes.

Gin Pahit image

Gin Pahit

The balance of bitters to sugar is key to the success of this cocktail. Use a Japanese dasher bitters bottle and measure your 2:1 sugar syrup judiciously

Joy Division image

Joy Division

A 2:1 Dry Martini with a slug of triple sec and dashes of absinthe contributing zesty orange and subtle aniseed respectively.

Elder Fashion image

Elder Fashion

Spirit-forward and cleansing with gin, floral elderflower with zesty citrus.

Sakura Martini image

Sakura Martini

This Reverse Martini-style cocktail originally featured a floating salted cherry blossom as a garnish. This is not just for looks, the hint of saltiness

Greek Celery Cocktail image

Greek Celery Cocktail

Celery and mastiha pair well, while gin adds a spirituous bite and botanical complexity. A small grind of pepper to finish adds a nuance of spice.

Violet Negroni cocktail image

Violet Negroni cocktail

Bittersweet with a strong hint of gentian. A great aperitif.

Londoner (Ward's recipe) image

Londoner (Ward's recipe)

As a born and bred Londoner, I'm slightly miffed that a New Yorker has applied the name of our great city to a drink using French and Italian products,

Entente Cordiale Cocktail image

Entente Cordiale Cocktail

This gin laced cocktail is flavoured with apricot liqueur which is balanced and made more complex by dry vermouth. A dash of orange bitters and a light

Atta Boy Cocktail image

Atta Boy Cocktail

The orange zest twist makes or breaks this classic, which when properly balanced lets the gin shine supported by herbal vermouth and delicate sweet pomegranate

White Negroni image

White Negroni

Wayne Collins, this drink's creator, originally used equal parts as is usual for a classic Negroni and after trying various other formulations I've found

Gimlet Cocktail (Charles H. Baker's 1939 recipe) image

Gimlet Cocktail (Charles H. Baker's 1939 recipe)

Boozy and very subtly flavoured and edging very slightly towards being sweet.

Honey Bubble image

Honey Bubble

Light and delicate, a tasty aperitif cocktail.

Rocky Left Bank image

Rocky Left Bank

A slightly sweet, hopefully crowd-pleasing, combo of gin, elderflower and white wine.

The Cappa Cocktail image

The Cappa Cocktail

Dry, balanced and delicate with a balanced marriage of gin, fortified wine and maraschino.

Christmas Velvet Alexander image

Christmas Velvet Alexander

Combining advocaat, gin and fino sherry, this is the ultimate stereotypical English granny's Christmas cocktail.

Gin Salad Dry Martini image

Gin Salad Dry Martini

A Gin Salad is made like a regular Dry Martini but with three olives and two cocktail onions as garnish. They should be pushed onto the stick in the following

Dry Martini (2:1.5 ratio) Sopping Wet image

Dry Martini (2:1.5 ratio) Sopping Wet

Herbal vermouth flavours pervade this Sopping Wet Martini.

Dry Martini (7:1 ratio) Embury's image

Dry Martini (7:1 ratio) Embury's

Readers of Embury will know he had a bone dry palate and Martinis made to his specification are just that, and with the correct dilution, fabulous.

Dry Martini (3:1 ratio) image

Dry Martini (3:1 ratio)

Three to one may be unfair odds in a fight but vermouth shines in this stirred off-dry Martini. Through experimentation we have found that 3:1 Martinis

The Business image

The Business

A riff on a classic Bee's Knees with lime juice. It's snappier with lime instead of lemon.

Unusual Negroni Cocktail image

Unusual Negroni Cocktail

A very soft rendition of a classic Negroni.

Fandango image


A heady mix of gin, vodka and the distinctive herbal flavour of Chartreuse.

Creole Gimlet image

Creole Gimlet

Falernum adds a touch of Caribbean spice to this Gimlet.

La Bicyclette image

La Bicyclette

A light and fragrant Sweet Martini style drink with elderflower liqueur and peach bitters.

London Gypsy image

London Gypsy

The botanicals in the gin and the herbal Bénédictine combine well in this drink which is balanced by the addition of bitters.

Absinthe Martini image

Absinthe Martini

A classic Gin Martini made aniseed fresh with a splash of absinthe. Like me, you may prefer the bite-sized version of this cocktail served straight-up

G. G and G image

G. G and G

Pine fresh gin notes combine with aniseed and herbal notes, freshened by pink grapefruit and toned by dashes of bitters.

Fibber McGee image

Fibber McGee

Delicately flavoured, bittersweet grapefruit and sweet vermouth fortified with gin.

Valentino image


A variation on the Negroni. More gin and less liqueur make for an unusual bittersweet Martini.

Obituary image


What a way to go. A Dry Martini with a dash of the green fairy.

Honolulu Cocktail No.2 image

Honolulu Cocktail No.2

Originally made with equal parts gin, Bénédictine and maraschino but better balanced with a tad more gin. (If making with equal parts this is a slightly

Geisha Mar-Tea-Knee image

Geisha Mar-Tea-Knee

Surprisingly fresh and light, this starts slightly sweet but finishes with refreshing bitter tannins. Tea pearls - hand-rolled balls of tea leaves -make

Empire Cocktail image

Empire Cocktail

Apricot fortified by gin and apple brandy. Craddock's 1930 recipe calls for this cocktail to be shaken rather than stirred, indeed it's a cocktail that

Elk Martini image

Elk Martini

Craddock calls for this drink to be shaken, but in this instance, stirring seems more in order. I've also mixed to our preferred 5:1 stirred Dry Martini

White Cargo image

White Cargo

A delicious dessert-style drink.

Waldorf Cocktail No.2 image

Waldorf Cocktail No.2

Lime works better than lemon but like the Astor, using a combination of lime and lemon produces an even better drink.

Tenner Martini image

Tenner Martini

Very wet, aromatic Martini.

Sake Martini image

Sake Martini

Dry, subtle, and depending on your choice of sake, possibly amazing.

Pepin Rivero Special image

Pepin Rivero Special

White chocolate come coconut ice-cream, only vaguely rescued from fluffiness by gin spirit.

Dry Martini (15:1 ratio) Montgomery's image

Dry Martini (15:1 ratio) Montgomery's

Bone dry - a superbly cleansing Martini. Through experimentation we have found that 15:1 Martinis are better shaken rather than stirred. Conversely 3:1

The Montford image

The Montford

A wonderfully wet Martini with the addition of Lillet and orange bitters.

Martini with a Spot  image

Martini with a Spot

Absinthe adds bone-dry complexity to this otherwise Wet Martini.

Martinez (Orange) image

Martinez (Orange)

Stir well as dilution helps to tame this old-school classic in which bitter orange predominates.

Lorraine (by Joe Gilmore) image

Lorraine (by Joe Gilmore)

A Wet Martini served on the rocks, sweetened and flavoured with a slug of cognac orange liqueur.

Hula Hula or Hoola-Hoola Cocktail image

Hula Hula or Hoola-Hoola Cocktail

Gin and juice - orange with a splash of orange liqueur.

Hoffman House image

Hoffman House

A shaken Wet (5:1) Martini with orange bitters.

Fitzgerald image


A Tangy and fresh Gin Sour without the egg white. A juniper heavy gin and dashes of bitters are key to the success of this sour.

Guard's Cocktail image

Guard's Cocktail

Old Guard but this Sweet Martini made sweeter with a dash of orange liqueur well deserves a place on modern cocktail lists.

Dubonnet Cocktail #2 image

Dubonnet Cocktail #2

Dry gin and aromatised wine with a hint of citrus.

Dubonnet Cocktail No.1 image

Dubonnet Cocktail No.1

Simple yet complex. Dry and aromatic.

Cubata image


Hard to hate but the cola and lime dominate the subtle gin flavours.

Colony image


Grapefruit and maraschino balance each other in this gin-based classic.

Cherry Mariner image

Cherry Mariner

Rich cherry liqueurs fortified by gin and bittered with a hint of orange.

Beverly Hills Hotel Cocktail image

Beverly Hills Hotel Cocktail

Zingy grapefruit sourness balances rich elderflower in this gin-laced cocktail which you might consider enjoying with your breakfast. That's how they rock

Barton Special Cocktail image

Barton Special Cocktail

Dry and hardcore - gin, apple brandy and Scotch, tamed only by a little dilution and being chilled.

Army Martini  image

Army Martini

This rosé-coloured Martini is harder and more spirituous than it looks - perhaps why the name?

Amber Room #2 image

Amber Room #2

A subtle, delicately floral Martini.

Houla Houla Cocktail image

Houla Houla Cocktail

Orange generously laced with gin.

Gin & Juice image

Gin & Juice

Gin and fruit juice. OK, but nothing to sing about.

Froth Blower Cocktail image

Froth Blower Cocktail

Salmon-pink and very frothy but surprisingly complex and tasty.

The Flo Ziegfeld image

The Flo Ziegfeld

The original recipe omits sugar but was probably made with sweetened pineapple juice.

Dry Martini (2:1 ratio) Wet image

Dry Martini (2:1 ratio) Wet

Reputed to be a favourite of HRH Prince Charles.

Webster Cocktail image

Webster Cocktail

Balanced, or even a tad on the sour side rather than sweet. Indeed, your choice of apricot liqueur will impact the need for added sugar. Adjust accordingly

Swizzles Cocktail image

Swizzles Cocktail

Somewhat reminiscent of a frozen gimlet – the combination of gin and lime shines in this freshening swizzle.

Spencer Cocktail image

Spencer Cocktail

To quote Harry Craddock, Very mellifluous: has a fine and rapid action: for morning work.

Snyder Cocktail image

Snyder Cocktail

A 2:1 Dry Martini but with a splash of orange curaçao taking the dry edge off and adding more subtle complexity than orange bitters.

Smoky Martini image

Smoky Martini

A Vesper-style Dry Martini smoked with a spoon-full of Speyside whisky

Slow Screw image

Slow Screw

Reminiscent of a fruity screwdriver with botanical gin character. When made with a good slow gin and freshly squeezed orange juice this is a great brunch

Silver Martini image

Silver Martini

Dry and aromatic with a hint of maraschino richness.

Silver Bullet image

Silver Bullet

If you like Aviations then this caraway influenced sour may appeal. It's powerfully flavoured so also consider serving in an old-fashioned over ice to

Seventh Heaven No.2 image

Seventh Heaven No.2

Grapefruit citrus bitterness balances rich floral maraschino liqueur in this delicately balanced gin-based cocktail.

Sake-Tini #1 image

Sake-Tini #1

Sake and a hint of orange liqueur add the perfect aromatic edge to this cocktail.

Russian image


Gin and vodka with a sweet hint of chocolate.

Roselyn Cocktail image

Roselyn Cocktail

A wet Martini made 'easy' by a dash of pomegranate/grenadine syrup.

Rose Petalini image

Rose Petalini

Peychaud's bitters give this fragrant cocktail a delicate pink hue.

Rose (French style) No. 1 image

Rose (French style) No. 1

A two-to-one Dry Martini sweetened and flavoured with one-part cherry brandy.

Roc-A-Coe image


Aromatic and balanced.

Resolute image


Simple but tasty. All three flavours are harmonious.

Raspberry 'Martini' (by Dick Bradsell) image

Raspberry 'Martini' (by Dick Bradsell)

Rich raspberry flavour laced with gin.

Princeton Martini image

Princeton Martini

The Dry Martini meets the Gimlet. They should meet more often.

Princess Mary image

Princess Mary

Slightly sweet, very creamy - drink after dinner.

Pink Gin & Tonic image

Pink Gin & Tonic

Basically a G&T with an extra pop of flavour, this has a broader appeal than the original Pink Gin.

Perfect Martini image

Perfect Martini

Made with equal parts gin, rosso vermouth and dry vermouth the result is almost sherry-like and suits the aperitivo moment. However, if you want that spirituous

Parisian Cocktail image

Parisian Cocktail

Rich cassis tempered by gin and dry vermouth.

Palm Beach image

Palm Beach

Dry, aromatic and packs one hell of a punch.

Paisley Martini image

Paisley Martini

A dry Martini for those with a penchant for Scotch.

Typhoon image


Great if you love Sambuca.

Bulldog Highball image

Bulldog Highball

Light and easy drinking. Gin and orange lightly spiced with ginger.

Oriental Tartini image

Oriental Tartini

A sour, tart, fruity cocktail with more than a hint of lychee.

Orange Bloom Martini image

Orange Bloom Martini

Fruity, zesty, delicately herbal orange laced with gin. Modern bartending convention is to stir rather than shake this Martini but it's better shaken,

Opera image


I've combined classic recipes from both Jacques Straub (1914) and Harry Craddock (1930) in this gin-laced, vinous, late-night sipper with delicate mandarin

Nome image


This dyslexic Gnome is dry and interesting.

Nicky's Fizz image

Nicky's Fizz

A dry, refreshing, long drink.

Navigator image


This fruity, grapefruit-led drink is pleasantly bitter and sour.

Miami Beach image

Miami Beach

Fruity and frothy topped. Like Baywatch!

Merry-Go-Round Martini image

Merry-Go-Round Martini

Stir this 'perfect' Martini around and then get merry.

Medium Martini image

Medium Martini

A classic Martini served perfect and very wet. I prefer mine shaken which is the method Harry specifies in his guide.

Marny Cocktail image

Marny Cocktail

Originally shaken but perhaps better stirred. Simple but no less tasty for it.

Marmalade Cocktail image

Marmalade Cocktail

As Harry Craddock says of his own drink, By its bitter-sweet taste this cocktail is especially suited to be a luncheon aperitif.

Marguerite Cocktail image

Marguerite Cocktail

An equal parts (Fifty-Fifty) Dry Martini with a hint of orange due to the use of orange curaçao, orange bitters and an orange zest twist.

Mainbrace image


Tangy grapefruit laced with gin and a hint of orange. Tart finish.

Lychee Rickey image

Lychee Rickey

The lychee liqueur dominates this surprisingly dry Rickey.

Lychee & Rose Petal Martini image

Lychee & Rose Petal Martini

Light pink in colour and subtle in flavour.

Livingstone image


The classic gin and vermouth Dry Martini made not so dry and a tad more approachable by a splash of sugar.

Knickerbocker Martini image

Knickerbocker Martini

Aromatic vermouth dominates but gin botanicals put up a spirited defence in this flavoursome 'medium' Martini.

Imperial Martini image

Imperial Martini

A Fifty Fifty Martini with faintly rust colour inducing bitters and subtly fruity maraschino.

Ice Maiden image

Ice Maiden

A subtle Martini with the honeyed flavours of icewine melding with botanicals in the gin and balanced by the acidity of the white wine.

The Harlem image

The Harlem

Soft and fruity. Be careful, it's more potent than you think.

Hanky Panky Cocktail image

Hanky Panky Cocktail

This is basically a Sweet Martini influenced by the addition of bittersweet and aromatic fernet liqueur.

Golf Cocktail image

Golf Cocktail

A 'wet' Martini with bitters.

Bradford Martini image

Bradford Martini

I do like a shaken Dry Martini! Sorry, I should say Bradford. For some a shaken martini is blasphemous but the aeration generated by the more vigorous

Gin Fix image

Gin Fix

A Gin Sour served over crushed ice in a goblet.

Gin Daisy image

Gin Daisy

If correctly made this serious, gin dominated cocktail should be blush, not pink.

Gin & It  image

Gin & It

Remembering both vermouth and gin are flavoured with similar botanicals, they obviously have an affinity for each other. This drink may be simple but made

Gimlet (Schumann's recipe) image

Gimlet (Schumann's recipe)

Schumann uses fresh citrus sourness to balance rich lime cordial but opts for lighter lemon juice rather than lime as is classic with a Gimlet.

Gibson Dry Martini image

Gibson Dry Martini

A classic Dry Martini without bitters and garnished with cocktail onions in place of an olive or a twist. On those two distinctions, all are agreed. However,

Foghorn image


Different! Almost flowery in taste with the spice of ginger beer.

English Martini image

English Martini

Rosemary and sweet elderflower combine wonderfully with the gin botanicals to make an interesting and approachable, if slightly sweet Martini.

Dry Orange Martini image

Dry Orange Martini

Bone dry, orangey, aptly named Martini.

Dry Martini 'Preferred' (5:1 ratio) image

Dry Martini 'Preferred' (5:1 ratio)

I have chosen a 5:1 ratio as our 'preferred' Dry Martini specification in deference to David Embury who writes of this drink in his The Fine Art of Mixing

Dirty Martini Cocktail image

Dirty Martini Cocktail

This drink varies from delicious to disgusting, depending on what's making it Dirty. This is traditionally the liquid from a jar of olives and if using

Dickens' Dry Martini image

Dickens' Dry Martini

A 5:1 Dry Martini served without any garnish (i.e. no olive or twist). The name is a reference to Charles Dicken's novel Oliver Twist.

Club Cocktail (Craddock's recipe) image

Club Cocktail (Craddock's recipe)

A sweet Martini with a dash of Yellow Chartreuse.

Cardinale image


Originally made with Riesling Rhine wine, the Cardinale has become a Negroni made with dry vermouth, producing a lighter cocktail than when made with the

Caprice image


A long stir delivers the dilution necessary for this aromatic, delicately spiced and herbal Wet Martini.

Bloomsbury Martini image

Bloomsbury Martini

This pinky/rusty drink benefits from a good long stir but the result is an aromatic, medium dry, spicy vanilla Martini.

Blackthorn (Kirschwasser) image

Blackthorn (Kirschwasser)

This drink benefits from a long, chilling and diluting stir. The result is Martini in style, fruity yet dry.

Black Jack Cocktail image

Black Jack Cocktail

More burgundy than black but dark fruits of the forest dominate this medium dry cocktail.

Aviation Cocktail (Savoy spec.) image

Aviation Cocktail (Savoy spec.)

Tangy gin-laced lemon sourness with aromatic maraschino - too many of these and you really will be flying.

Army & Navy image

Army & Navy

Almond and lemon flavoured gin. Subtle, citrus and, despite generous orgeat, fairly dry.

Angel Face image

Angel Face

Rich apricot and apple with a backbone of botanical gin. Balanced rather than dry or sweet. This drink looks better when stirred but the Harry Craddock's

Cowboy Hoof Martini image

Cowboy Hoof Martini

Lightly sweetened gin shaken with fresh aromatic mint.

Copper Illusion image

Copper Illusion

Basically, a Negroni with liqueur replacing sweet vermouth. Like the Italian classic, this is both bitter and sweet.

Cherry Martini image

Cherry Martini

Rich cherry is balanced by botanically complex dry gin and citrus freshness, and further dried and deepened by vermouth.

The Buck / Gin Buck image

The Buck / Gin Buck

The Buck can be improved by adding a dash of liqueur appropriate to the spirit base. E.g. add a dash of Grand Marnier to a Brandy Buck.

Arnaud (Parisian Nights) image

Arnaud (Parisian Nights)

This flavoursome, three equal parts cocktail has a lightly sweet palate followed by a dry finish. An interesting balance of blackcurrant, vermouth and

Arizona Breeze image

Arizona Breeze

A tart variation on the Sea Breeze. As dry as Arizona.

Alaska (Savoy recipe) image

Alaska (Savoy recipe)

In his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, David Embury says of the Alaska, This is also sometimes called the Oriental. It can be greatly improved by using

Abbey image


A dry, orangey, herbal, gin-laced concoction. Closely related to the better known Bronx.

Dry Martini (10:1 ratio) image

Dry Martini (10:1 ratio)

If you are going to shake, rather than stir, a Martini (yes, it then becomes a Bradford) then this 10:1 ratio works rather well as there's something about

Crossbow image


Surprisingly dry, chocolate and orange laced with gin.

Caruso Cocktail image

Caruso Cocktail

Emerald green with full-on mint. Good as a digestif after a tenor-sized meal. This was originally a shaken drink and despite modern-day convention, we

Bermuda Rose Cocktail image

Bermuda Rose Cocktail

Delicate, floral and aromatic. A hint of sweetness but not so as to offend.

Lychee & Sake Martini image

Lychee & Sake Martini

Spirit-forward but mellowed by sake and lychee.

Tango Cocktail (from the Bellagio) image

Tango Cocktail (from the Bellagio)

Passion fruit liqueur balanced tart grapefruit fortified with gin.

Cin-Cyn image


A slightly sweeter, less bitter, artichoke-influenced riff on a classic Negroni.

Duke's Dry Martini - The 'Naked' or 'Direct' Martini image

Duke's Dry Martini - The 'Naked' or 'Direct' Martini

The quantities of gin and vermouth stated in this recipe produce a Dry Martini with a 30:1 ratio of gin to vermouth. A small amount of dilution is achieved

Contessa image


As Negroni-style cocktails go, the vibrant orange-amber Contessa is nudging being on the sweet side (but no less likeable for it).

Gin Twist image

Gin Twist

Gin botanicals flavour this delicate citrusy, warming drink.

Gnome image


An after-dinner tipple with gin botanicals and rich herbal flavours dried with fino sherry.

Holiday Martini image

Holiday Martini

A riff on the classic Tuxedo.

Milanese G&T image

Milanese G&T

Depending on how you view this, its a traditional Gin & Tonic with a splash of bitter liqueur adding colour and herbal fruity complexity. Or a G&T take

MonteNegroni image


While the proportions of the classic Negroni are accepted as being equal parts, with some boozehounds slightly upping the gin, the proportions of this

Negroni Bianco Bergamotto image

Negroni Bianco Bergamotto

Dry with wine like-minerality, zesty bergamot and piney gin notes.

On the Med image

On the Med

For the complete on the Med experience, you may want to use a Mediterranean-style gin, but we prefer a London dry style so perhaps making this a Brit On

Pink Witch image

Pink Witch

Depending on your grapefruit this drink may indeed be lightly pink, and, again, depending on your grapefruit, hopefully it will be balanced and superbly

Remember the Alimony image

Remember the Alimony

Fino sherry adds a cleansing mineral note to this delicious riff on a classic Negroni.

Sicilian Negroni Cocktail image

Sicilian Negroni Cocktail

Blood orange juice replaces sweet vermouth in this fruity Negroni.

Code of Conduct image

Code of Conduct

Created by Guy Ungar from Double Standard, Tel Aviv, Israel for the 2016 Cherry Heering Classic Challenge.

Country Breeze image

Country Breeze

Not too sweet. The gin character shines through the fruit.

Fiendtini image


A gin Martini 'dirtied' with pickled gherkin brine and garnished with a pickled gherkin.

Full Circle image

Full Circle

Fruity and easy-drinking, yet with complexity from the gin. At least that's how this cocktail tastes when made with pomegranate juice freshly squeezed

Pink Hound image

Pink Hound

A flavoursome balance of sweet and sour.

Rhubarb & Custard Cocktail image

Rhubarb & Custard Cocktail

As sharp, sweet, creamy and flavoursome as the dessert it imitates.

Salty Lychee Martini image

Salty Lychee Martini

Faintly pink in colour and subtle in flavour with the delicately salty tang of manzanilla sherry.

Blue Riband image

Blue Riband

A sweetened, blue-rinsed, orange and gin Martini.

Granny's Cocktail image

Granny's Cocktail

Creamy, Christmassy drink just for nana.

Liquorice Cocktail image

Liquorice Cocktail

Gin tinted violet, flavoured with liquorice and slightly sweetened.

London Fog image

London Fog

Sip slowly and as the crushed ice melts, so dilution mellows this spirituous after-dinner digestive with cleansing aniseed freshness washing over gin's

Asylum Cocktail image

Asylum Cocktail

Seabrook said of this drink, look like rosy dawn, taste like the milk of Paradise, and make you plenty crazy. He must have been a Pernod lover.

Bijou shot image

Bijou shot

A shot loaded with bold flavours best suited to fans of Chartreuse.

Dry Martini (15:5 dumped) Franklin image

Dry Martini (15:5 dumped) Franklin

A Dry Martini named after Franklin Roosevelt and garnished with two olives.

Amaroni image


Piney notes in the gin are amplified in this bitter-bittersweet riff on a classic Negroni.

Yale Fence image

Yale Fence

The combination of apple brandy, gin and vermouth produce a delicious spirit-forward cocktail with unexpected delicious creamy vanilla notes.