3 Ingredient Cocktails

3-ingredient Light Rum cocktails

Bajan Daiquiri image

Bajan Daiquiri

A full-flavoured Daiquiri with a delicate touch of clove.

Black Diamond image

Black Diamond

This flavoursome mix of coffee and chocolate is further enhanced if vanilla-infused rum is used.

Bolero image


A spirituous Martini-style cocktail. Be sure to stir well as dilution is key.

Bushranger image


Slightly sweet, this complex cocktail combines flavours of red wine with subtle herbal notes and is fortified with light rum.

Cadillac Margarita (AKA Grand Margarita)  image

Cadillac Margarita (AKA Grand Margarita)

A balanced (far from sweet) and flavoursome Margarita with the rich cognac and orange notes of Grand Marnier adding to this drink's depth of flavour.

Caipirissima image


A Daiquiri-like drink made in the style of a Caipirinha.

Canchànchara image


Your choice of honey and indeed rum will greatly affect the flavour, and indeed the success of the finished cocktail. More flavoursome honey demands a

Clipper Cocktail image

Clipper Cocktail

Light, easy drinking and very refreshing.

Corn'n'Oil Cocktail image

Corn'n'Oil Cocktail

Rum slightly sweetened and flavoured with the lime and clove flavours of falernum.

Cuba Libre image

Cuba Libre

Basically a rum and coke with a squeeze of lime, but Cuba Libre has much more of a ring about it. And it is much more of a drink, the squeeze of lime and

Cuba Pintada image

Cuba Pintada

The name of this popular Cuban drink literally means 'stained Cuba' and there is just enough cola in this rum and soda to stain the drink brown.

Cuban Liberal image

Cuban Liberal

Light white rum mellowed by Italian vermouth and made interesting with bittersweet French Amer Picon liqueur.

Daiquiri (straight-up) image

Daiquiri (straight-up)

Crisp, light and refreshing. Delicately simple yet with perfectly balanced complexity of flavours. Grind white caster sugar in a mortar and pestle to

Daiquiri No.1 (6:2:1 recipe) image

Daiquiri No.1 (6:2:1 recipe)

This 6:2:1 (6 parts rum, 2 parts lime and 1 part sugar) Daiquiri recipe emerged after an afternoon's Daiquiri experimentation with five of the UK's most

Daiquiri No.1 Natural (Embury's 8:2:1 formula) image

Daiquiri No.1 Natural (Embury's 8:2:1 formula)

Traditionally a Daiquiri should always be based on light rum but if I should feel like breaking with tradition and using aged rum, I find Embury's 8:2:1

Daiquiri (on-the-rocks) image

Daiquiri (on-the-rocks)

Light and refreshing. No one flavour predominates - sweet and sour are in harmony with the rum.

El Presidente (sans grenadine) image

El Presidente (sans grenadine)

Bone dry, light and delicate. The sweetness and colour contributed by the maraschino cherry garnish are essential to this drink's success.

Elderflower Daiquiri image

Elderflower Daiquiri

Elderflower liqueur adds floral interest to the classic Daiquiri.

Epestone Daiquiri image

Epestone Daiquiri

A pleasant, maroon coloured, blackcurrant-flavoured Daiquiri.

Espresso Daiquiri image

Espresso Daiquiri

Rum based twist on the ubiquitous and very tasty Espresso Martini.

French Tear #1 image

French Tear #1

Rum-laced and fruity. Altogether very gluggable.

Free Town image

Free Town

Great for sipping after dinner.

Golden Retriever image

Golden Retriever

This powerful straw yellow cocktail offers a myriad of flavours. Benefits from the dilution of a long stir and/or the addition of a dash of water.

Grapefruit Daiquiri #1 image

Grapefruit Daiquiri #1

The flavours of rum and grapefruit combine harmoniously - clean and fresh.

Honey Daiquiri image

Honey Daiquiri

Rich flavoursome honey replaces sugar syrup in this natural Daiquiri. Try experimenting with different kinds of honey. We favour orange blossom honey.

Hop Toad #1 image

Hop Toad #1

Resembles an apricot Daiquiri that's heavy on the lime yet balanced.

King's Jubilee image

King's Jubilee

If there is such a thing as a 'Rum Aviation', then this is surely it. The proportions of the original 1935 recipe stipulate equal amounts of maraschino

Monkey Shine image

Monkey Shine

The sweet, tropical fruitiness of this drink is set off by the spicy rim.

Mr President image

Mr President

A combination of the El-Presidente and Negroni. A cocktail on the bitter side of bittersweet that Campari lovers may appreciate. Perhaps better served

Nantucket image


Essentially a Seabreeze with rum in place of vodka.

Santiago Daiquiri image

Santiago Daiquiri

This Daiquiri is particularly delicate in its balance between sweet and sour.

Tahitian Honey Bee image

Tahitian Honey Bee

Basically a lemon honey Daiquiri or a lemon Canchànchara - very tasty it is too.

The Mackinnon image

The Mackinnon

Honeyed rum with herbal and citrus nuances. Perhaps better served on-the-rocks.

Yacht Club image

Yacht Club

Rum-laced and slightly sweet with hints of apricot fruit.