Negroni Cocktail

Negroni recipes

One of, if not the simplest of classic cocktails has formed the base for so many contemporary variations.

Negroni Cocktail image

Negroni Cocktail

Ένα ποτό πικρό και ξηρό αλλά πολύ νόστιμο το οποίο μπορεί να φτιαχτεί ακόμη και μέσα

Bloody Negroni image

Bloody Negroni

A classic negroni with a splash of blood orange juice.

Cornwall Negroni image

Cornwall Negroni

Served up, heavy on the gin and light on vermouth.

Dutch Count Negroni image

Dutch Count Negroni

Genever's flavoursome character adds malty notes.

Kingston Negroni image

Kingston Negroni

Rum matched with a bittersweet liqueur and sweet vermouth.

Munich Negroni Western Style image

Munich Negroni Western Style

Nutty riff on a Negroni with a bittersweet hazelnut finish.

Iron Negroni image

Iron Negroni

Black in colour and with a flavour that's recognisably part of the Negroni family but with a flat Coke-like smoothness that makes a classic Negroni taste

Alpine Negroni image

Alpine Negroni

A beautifully balanced and complex alpine-influenced riff on a White Negroni.

Christmas Negroni image

Christmas Negroni

A classic Negroni turned festive with added Christmassy flavours. A proper Christmas cracker!

Negroni Spumante image

Negroni Spumante

Ένα Negroni που παίρνει την μορφή long drink χάρη στο αφρώδες κρασί. Κάθε λάτρης του Negroni πρέπει

Sheroni image


A Negroni riff created in October 2021 by yours truly at the Clocktower in Rye, England.

Toffee Negroni image

Toffee Negroni

There's no toffee in this Toffee Negroni in the same way there's no coffee in the Coffee Cocktail yet both drinks are aptly named and delicious.

Amber Negroni (Difford's recipe) image

Amber Negroni (Difford's recipe)

Όπως υποδηλώνει και το όνομά του, πρόκειται για μία παραλλαγή του Negroni με αρώματα από

Benny Blanco image

Benny Blanco

A bittersweet and lightly chili spicy aperitivo to awaken your taste buds.

Bergamot Negroni image

Bergamot Negroni

As the name suggests, subtle bergamot notes influence this dryish Negroni riff.

Charente White Negroni image

Charente White Negroni

Ένα White Negroni με κονιάκ.

Chocolate Negroni image

Chocolate Negroni

The chocolate in this riff on a classic Negroni seems to boost the orange notes in the Italian red bitter liqueur.

Cin-Cyn image


A slightly sweeter, less bitter, artichoke-influenced riff on a classic Negroni.

Cold Brew Negroni image

Cold Brew Negroni

Just as it says on the tin, a Negroni with a splash of cold brew coffee. Simples! Whether you view this as an aperitivo or a breakfast cocktail says a

Comte de Sureau image

Comte de Sureau

Sprays of oils from both orange and lemon zest twists aid the fine balance of this bittersweet aperitivo, which fittingly has become known by many as an

Eeyore's Requiem image

Eeyore's Requiem

On the bitter side of bittersweet with cleaning piney and herbal notes from gin, carciofo, and fernet.

Jäger Negroni image

Jäger Negroni

Ένα ελαφρώς πικάντικο Negroni, ιδανικό για μετά το δείπνο.

Less is More Negroni image

Less is More Negroni

Looks like a Negroni, tastes like a very good and interesting Negroni, yet only has two ingredients – hence the name. Also, quicker to make than a three-ingredient

Mulled Negroni image

Mulled Negroni

Red wine, clove-forward falernum and sloe gin add Mulled notes to this Negroni.

Murano Negroni image

Murano Negroni

The merest hint of hazelnut liqueur makes this relatively light and approachable Negroni.

Negroni Amaro Sour image

Negroni Amaro Sour

Perhaps more an Amaro Sour than it is a Negroni Sour but this a very tasty bittersweet aperitivo nonetheless.

Negroni and the Goat image

Negroni and the Goat

Μία παραλλαγή του Negroni με Aperol.

Negroni Bianco image

Negroni Bianco

Αυτό το White Negroni δεν είναι όσο ξηρό και πικρό είναι το κλασικό Negroni.

Negroni Bianco image

Negroni Bianco

Ένα Negroni Bianco με επιπλέον αρώματα από περγαμόντο.

Negroni Tredici image

Negroni Tredici

Οι λάτρεις του Campari θα αγαπήσουν πολύ αυτή την παραλλαγή του Negroni.

Oaxacan Negroni image

Oaxacan Negroni

Mezcal lends a characterful smoky note to this complex riff on a classic Negroni.

Pinky Negroni image

Pinky Negroni

Bittersweet and delicately faintly floral.

Pomegranate Negroni image

Pomegranate Negroni

This Negroni has a beautiful red hue and is more bittersweet than it is fruity (as you'd expect of a Negroni).

Rhubarb Lucca Negroni image

Rhubarb Lucca Negroni

Ένα Negroni με αρώματα από ραβέντι.

Rum Negroni image

Rum Negroni

I started with a classic three equal parts Negroni, simply subbing rum for gin, but the gin was masked by the bitter liqueur so I boosted rum notes with

Scotch Negroni image

Scotch Negroni

On the bitter side of bittersweet and, depending on your Scotch, faintly smoky.

Sicilian Negroni Cocktail image

Sicilian Negroni Cocktail

Το σαγκουίνι αντικαθιστά το γλυκό βερμούτ σε αυτή την φρουτώδη παραλλαγή του Negroni.

Sin Cyn cocktail image

Sin Cyn cocktail

A single malt whisky laced twist on a Boulevardier with Cynar replacing the familiar Italian red bitter liqueur.

Slow Negroni image

Slow Negroni

As the name suggests, this is simply a classic Negroni with sloe gin introduced as a fourth ingredient. Its flavour is exactly as it says on the tin –

Spiced Rum Negroni image

Spiced Rum Negroni

Ευκολόπιοτο και ελαφρώς γλυκό με αρώματα από καραμέλα, σοκολάτα και πλούσια αίσθηση

Tsipouro Negroni image

Tsipouro Negroni

Just as it says on the tin, it's a Negroni but based on Greek grape-based Tsipouro.

Tunnel Negroni image

Tunnel Negroni

Bittersweet and delicately herbal.

Tuscan Negroni image

Tuscan Negroni

Floral amaro adds a subtle but distinctive note to this Negroni.

Violet Negroni cocktail image

Violet Negroni cocktail

Bittersweet with a strong hint of gentian. A great aperitif.

White Negroni image

White Negroni

Ο Wayne Collins στην αυθεντική του συνταγή χρησιμοποίησε ίσα μέρη από τα συστατικά όπως θα

Yellow Negroni image

Yellow Negroni

As the name suggests, this pisco based, five equal part, vivid yellow bittersweet aperitif was inspired by the classic Negroni and three of the world’s

Amber Negroni image

Amber Negroni

Ένα πολύ σοβαρό Negroni με άρωμα από mocha και πίκρα από την γεντνιανή.

Coffee Negroni image

Coffee Negroni

Έντονη αίσθηση από gin σε ένα έντονα αλκοολικό και πικρόγλυκο ποτό.

Mellow Negroni image

Mellow Negroni

As the name suggests, it's a Negroni with the gin-laced punch you'd expect but a little less of the bitterness.

Green Negroni image

Green Negroni

Μην σας παρασύρει η πρασινωπή του απόχρωση καθώς πρόκειται για ένα πικρόγλυκο και

Mezcal Negroni image

Mezcal Negroni

Ένα Negroni με νότες καπνού από το μεσκάλ

Negroni Sbagliato image

Negroni Sbagliato

Μία πιο ήπια και λιγότερο πικρή εκδοχή του Negroni.

Negroni Sour image

Negroni Sour

Just as advertised on the tin, this is a bittersweet and sour straight-up Negroni. Pucker up, it's a tasty aperitivo.

Old Pal image

Old Pal

Classically an equal parts three-ingredient cocktail comprising: 30ml rye, 30ml bitter liqueur and 30 ml dry vermouth. This produces an overly dry bittersweet

Orange Negroni image

Orange Negroni

Orange and bitter liqueur combine well, especially when supported by sweet vermouth.

Parma Negroni image

Parma Negroni

Όσοι αγαπούν το Negroni θα αγαπήσουν και αυτή του την παραλλαγή.

Tradewinds Negroni image

Tradewinds Negroni

Given the slug of aromatic bitters in the recipe, it's not surprising that this riff on a Negroni packs a whack of bitters. However, that whack is subtler

Peroni Negroni image

Peroni Negroni

Το Negroni ταιριάζει άψογα με την μπύρα, οπότε γιατί να μην τα δοκιμάσετε και τα δύο μαζί;